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Stockport shopping district

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Introduction This piece of coursework involves a study into a large shopping centre. We will be studying the Stockport shopping district, also called Merseyway, and how it used by the public. Stockport is situated in South Manchester. The main centre is surrounded by smaller towns like Cheadle and Bramhall. The area is easily accessible by private transport and public transport. There are numerous, frequent bus services to and from all of the surrounding areas. The M60 Manchester Ring Road), and the A6 are the main road links which provide access to Stockport for buses and cars. The coursework will be split into different sections. Each of these sections will collate different data, which will all be brought together to show us different things about Stockport as a place, and how people use it a shopping centre. The different areas are: * Land use - This will tell us how the land in Stockport is used. With Stockport being a large town there should be a lot of high order goods stores. ...read more.


This means that people generally live nearer to a local shop than Stockport; therefore they have to travel less. It is not convenient to visit Stockport very often unless you live very close. * People are willing to travel further to Stockport - This is because Stockport offers a large shopping community with a huge variety of different stores. The prices in large chain stores are generally cheaper than in local shops and smaller towns with only one or two larger shops. This is because all the chain stores are near each other and therefore have more competition with each other. The cheaper prices for better quality, high order goods attracts large amounts of shoppers. In Stockport people can find if not all, the majority of items they would need. This means that people only need to visit on an occasional basis. * Most people travel by car - This is because cars offer fast and convenient travel. There is no waiting for buses, taxis or trains and Stockport has a large amount of car park spaces available. ...read more.


As there were totally different sets of information to be collected, each different set was recorded differently. The questionnaire results were collected in a table with headings for each question asked, plus extra columns for gender and guessed age. The pedestrian count was recorded onto a simple map of Merseyway, showing the key points after doing the counts. Each shop was numbered on a more detailed map and the corresponding names were written alongside the correct numbers in our field books. Also, each different land use (RH, RM, etc) had a colour to match a key; this enables us to see what shop types are where in Stockport. The key is on the map of all Stockport centre, each shops is colour coded depending on their type. The different colours enable us to see if certain types of shops group together. This helps prove my fifth hypothesis. After collecting and compiling all our data from each group, I put it all into tally charts and tables so that I could easily count up each lot of data. This would enable me to put all the data into graphs and charts which would then help me prove my hypothesis. ...read more.

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