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Sustainability of the 2012 Olympics

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06/05/2012Abbie Grice Sustainability of the 2012 Olympics The 2012 Olympics are being held in Newham, Stratford and there have been some debates on whether or not the Olympics are going to be sustainable. The makers of the Olympics are trying to make the games as sustainable as possible and are doing so in many ways. For example, the makers are saying that there are five main rules of sustainability. 1. Climate Change 2. Biodiversity 3. Waste 4. Inclusion 5. Healthy Living Climate Change is where the planet is overheating because the O-Zone Layer is being destroyed from gases and fumes from the air. Biodiversity is the living things co-existing equally on the planet. ...read more.


To make it sustainable they are going to re-use the waterways by creating new wildlife haibitats which will improve the tourist attractivity of the waterways as people may want to come animal spotting or just have a walk around the foot paths around the waterways. Also, the Energy Development is being drastically improved. The last time London hosted the Olympics was after the end of the second world war and nobody really knew anything of Climate Change back then. This year the Energy is going to be developed by a Biomass Boiler which uses renewable energy from Woodchip and the natural gases from the air. This is better for the environment as it will lessen the chances of the O-Zone being destroyed by chemical gases in the air and ...read more.


The Olympic Village is also going to be re-used and it will be turned into 2800 apartments which are going to be sold and re-used. Overall the Olympics this year are going to be more sustainable as the buildings are being re-used, the energy is being developed naturally and won?t be a harm to the environment, the waterways are being cleared as to make new wildlife habitats and room for barges, and the Energy Development Centre is going to have a Reception Area where they will hold Educational visits. The education side of things will be extremely beneficial to schools all over London as visiting there may inspire the school children in more ways than one. ...read more.

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