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The aim of my coursework, investigating shopping patterns in Brent, is based on answering one fundamental question, 'is there a shopping hierarchy in Brent?' as well as several others, which I myself have chosen all relating to the investigation

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By Derrick Gachiri Context > Introduction - Page 3 > Background - Page 4-6 > Hypothesis - Page 7 > Geographical Theory - Page 8-10 > Methodology - Page 11-12 > Analysis - Page o Graphs - Page13-16 o Bi polar analysis - Page 17-19 o Picture grams - Page 20-21 o Sphere of influence maps - Page o Spider graphs - Page > Conclusion - Page 22-25 > Evaluation - Page 26 > References - Page 26 Introduction The aim of my coursework, investigating shopping patterns in Brent, is based on answering one fundamental question, 'is there a shopping hierarchy in Brent?' as well as several others, which I myself have chosen all relating to the investigation: > Does the quality of the environment affect the success of the shopping area? > Will technological advances affect the way people shop and therefore the success of these shopping areas? > Is there a similarity between the sphere of influence of the shopping areas and their success? > What factors determine the success or failure of these shopping areas? I will set out to achieve this task by gathering as much information as I can from the various locations in Brent my class and I will visit - which are Brent Cross, Staples Corner, Kilburn High road, Harlesden High Street and my local corner shop that I will do individually in my own time - all helping me to form the foundation and back bone of coursework. While on location in these various shopping areas, I will ask the pedestrians that I meet in the street - as it is their information that determines the outcome of my coursework - several questions from my questionnaire, which I would have made in class before the actual visit, allowing me to know what the local population think of their shopping experience in their unique shopping area and how they would rate its performance. ...read more.


answer my coursework's fundamental question on whether there is a shopping hierarchy in Brent as well as the additional question I have set myself to answer. This is because the questions that I had asked the public at these shopping locations all related to the many geographical theories I will be studying - sphere of influence, accessibility, threshold, range of good and type of good - all which will help me determine whether there is a shopping hierarchy in Brent and if so where these shopping locations should be place on the hierarchy. Questions in my questionnaire: 1. Gender 2. Age 3. How did you travel here? 4. How often do you travel here? 5. Approximately how far is your home from the location of this shopping area? 6. How easy is it to travel here? 7. What goods are you here to buy? 8. What improvements would you like to see here? 9. Approximately how much are you going to spend? 10. Do you use the internet as a means of shopping? > Environmental Quality survey Essentially my environmental quality survey was an inspection of how the well maintained the various shopping areas I studied were in comparison with each other, as well as whether any types of pollution such as visual, noise or air plagued the immediate and surrounding area. In my environmental quality survey I looked at several different environmental factors that could have affected the shopping area these include litter, congestion, air quality, noise, vandalism, greenery, open spaces and parked cars all which I gave a score out of five with five being very good and one being very poor when I visited the shopping areas. With the information I had . > Pedestrian Count In essence my pedestrian count was a count of how many pedestrians walked past a particular shop in the shopping area for a particular period of time, therefore informing my of how busy the current location I was at is. ...read more.


it may be accessible it is hard to get to because of the congestion that occurs because of the fact that cars illegally park on the road making the one way route which normally has two lanes of traffic have one > It only caters to the needs of it surrounding area making it have a small sphere of influence My local corner shop came last in my investigation for these reasons: > It has a very small and limited sphere of influence as a result of it only selling convenience goods > It caters to the few people that live in the immediate area > Is provides no service for the people living in the immediate area > It is only accessible to the people living in the surrounding and immediate area. Evaluation Even though it may appear my investigation was flawless in nature, during the duration of the investigation I encountered a few problems with the collecting of the data, which my have distorted the results I have produced although only slightly. The fundamental of these problem was the fact that I only preformed the data collecting once so therefore I can not totally say my results are accurate and precise, since without collecting the same information several times the results I got the first time may have been distorted by environmental factors such as time and weather as well as other factors. I believe my results may have suffered because I preformed my data collection methods in different days which resulted in me getting information which my have been influenced by the type of day I did it one and having information from two different day could mean I have two different sets of information influence by the type of day it was. Furthermore the fact that my corner shop is in Westminster and not Brent undermines the fact that I my main question is finding whether there is a shopping hierarchy in Brent, although most corner shops are very similar. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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