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The aim of my coursework is based on investigating the shopping hierarchy and the C.B.D. (Central Business District) of the Royal Borough of Kingston with the aid of several hypotheses.

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GCSE Geography Coursework http://www.latimerandco.com/area.html Investigating the shopping hierarchy of Kingston Town Centre Contents (pages) Introduction 3 - My hypotheses 5 - Background 7 Methodology 8 -Secondary information 9 -Primary information 11 -Pedestrian counts 14 -Shops in each street 14 -Problems & Difficulties 15 Data presentation & Interpretation 16 -Figure 1 16 -Figure 2 17 -Figure 3 18 -Figure 4 20 -Figure 5 21 -Figure 6 22 -Figure 7 23 -Figure 8 23 -Figure 9 25 -Figure 10 27 -My Photographs 28 Evaluation 31 Bibliography 32 Introduction The aim of my coursework is based on investigating the shopping hierarchy and the C.B.D. (Central Business District) of the Royal Borough of Kingston with the aid of several hypotheses. I chose to base my coursework on the Royal Borough of Kingston, mainly focusing on the Kingston town centre, as it is a familiar area that I visit frequently for shopping purposes. The Royal Borough of Kingston covers an area of 3,748 Ha with a population of 147,273 residents. Situated nearby the River Thames and just 12 miles South West of the centre of London, Kingston is well known as the most desirable shopping area for South West London and Surrey as well as being the 17th largest retail centre in the UK. Map of the location of the Royal Borough of Kingston in relation to London. From http://www.multimap.co.uk Surrounding areas of Kingston This shows the location of Kingston and its surrounding towns, many of which may be influenced by the sphere of influence of Kingston. From http://www.kingston.gov.uk On the next page is a detailed map of the Kingston town centre. From a Visitor Guide book of Kingston My Hypotheses I have devised seven hypotheses in total to test in this geographical investigation. They are:- 1. The central part of the Kingston town centre is the C.B.D of the Royal Borough of Kingston. I have chosen this as the major hypothesis which I will try to prove with numerous data and information that I am able to get. ...read more.


This gives us a feedback from the shoppers how they rate the cost and variety of goods as well as the convenience of the shopping area. For example, a survey shows that the Bentall centre, one of the main shopping areas of Kingston town centre, is visited for two main reasons - convenience 31% and Good atmosphere / clean / tidy / spacious 29% (Figures from the Bentall student pack) 11) Where else do you go for shopping? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for... Clothes/Shoes Accessories Food Furnishing/Households Other The answers to this are simply just related to hypothesis 6, as some answers of this question may suggest that Kingston town centre lacks and is not getting the satisfaction of the shoppers; this will also affect the size of the sphere of influence. Are you...? Male ? 0~9 ? 10~19 ? 20~29 ? 30~39 ? Female ? 40~49 ? 50~59 ? 60~69 ? 70+ ? Lastly, I have not begun the questionnaire with the usual gender and age, as they seem to provoke the privacy of the interviewers very slightly; and put them off answering the rest of the questions. As I had originally decided to have only 10 questions in my questionnaire, I have added this as additional information. Thank you very much for your time and help. Have a great day! I have concluded my questionnaire with a light comment and a smiling face to thank the interviewer for filling in my questionnaire!! Photographs Majority of the photographs I have included in my coursework were personally taken. However, there are a few of areas that I didn't take a photograph of, and are from some leaflets that I collected from the Kingston council. The photographs show the completely packed streets in the centre of the town centre. ...read more.


Although those towns mentioned are in a smaller scale, they will increase the reliability of the data I collect, as I will be using the exact same method in order to make this a fair comparison. Nonetheless, my hypotheses have been closely related to what the results show from my data collection. Hypotheses 2 and 3, relating to the pedestrian counts has been proved right by the comparison of results of pedestrian counts. The compound bar charts, figures 6, 7, and 8, shows that the pedestrian counts definitely decrease as you go towards the outskirts from the centre. Also, the peak points such as Clarence Street and Eden Street support hypothesis 3 further. Results from the survey of buses and transport system shows that hypothesis 4 is definitely true, as well as the results from the questionnaire which indicate majority of public transport users use the buses to get to Kingston. On the other hand, I did not collect enough data to prove or disprove hypothesis 5. If I had researched and tried to find some more information about the parking and restrictions in Kingston, I could have supported this hypothesis. However, the shopping distributions show that highly popular areas for shopping are vehicle-restricted areas for convenience of shoppers. Furthermore, hypothesis 6 was supported by variety of results from the questionnaire. As well as shoppers visiting from faraway towns such as Worcester, majority of shoppers were more than satisfied with shopping in Kingston. This indicates that people do come to Kingston for purely shopping purposes as they have a preference for the area. Therefore, this clearly proves the hypothesis. Although I was not quite satisfied with how I concluded the investigation, I think that I have done a lot of research into shopping in Kingston town centre; and I was able to identify important factors that affect shopping in Kingston. If I were to repeat this investigation, I would plan the methodology and rearrange my hypotheses to be more suitable to the contents. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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