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The aim of this hypothesis is to find out if the volume of traffic and pedestrian will decrease from the distance of the C.B.D (central business district).

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Doron Geography Coursework miss moon Hershkorn rough Aim: The aim of this hypothesis is to find out if the volume of traffic and pedestrian will decrease from the distance of the C.B.D (central business district). I predict that as we go further away from the C.B.D the pedestrian and traffic will decrease. I think this because in the C.B.D there are more shopping centers, a train station, a market and other facilities which tends to have more pedestrians for the reason as there is more things to do but as we go further away from the C.B.D I think that there will be less pedestrians because there isn't many big shops, markets, stations etc. ...read more.


went to St Albans to collect information for our geography coursework. Before hand in class we organized and studied several different survey's and charts including rice pots (in and out of St Albans), site recording sheet, traffic and pedestrian information and recording sheet (in and out of St Albans) and 15 copy's of an environmental quality survey on a scale of 3 = excellent and 0 = poor and a photo record sheet (to record the photos), all of these which we were ready to collect the information in St Albans. ...read more.


Every 75 paces we walked were named as another site. Altogether we had 15 sites and in each site we took record of the traffic and pedestrian sheet, carried out our environmental quality survey, took notes about the site and took pictures of the site. Once we had completed our 15 sites we then crossed the road so we were on the right hand side to complete the rice pots walking back towards the Town hall. We were then given a single point in our street, from this point we counted the number of pedestrians walking into town and also walking out of the town, we did this for 10 minutes, from 2:25 to 2:35. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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