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The aim of this piece of coursework is to study tourism and its importance in Britain . Tourism is

Extracts from this document...


The aim of this piece of coursework is to study tourism and its importance in Britain. Tourism is one way of spending leisure time. It involves visiting places and learning new things from places of different interest and having pleasure all the while. In the last fifty years the demand for tourism has soared. As a result tourism employs about 120 million people world-wide and is one of the world's fastest growing industries. Today people are becoming much more adventurous in their holiday destinations. People visit other countries instead of just staying in Britain to know more about different cultures and also to enjoy themselves away from work. It is a chance to explore what other countries have to offer. Many tourists visit the Caribbean for a most part of their holidays now because of it various activities and climate. There are lots of things that attract tourism to a place. The climatic conditions of the place, people prefer hot weathers and would rather avoid the wet weather for their holidays. Tourists are also attracted to natural waterfalls, mountains, jungles, wildlife, famous places with collections of history and monuments from earlier civilizations. Others also prefer the coastal areas to relax and hangout within peaceful environments. Families on holidays may also prefer places with facilities for children attract tourism. Also most people travel because there is free time in most jobs where workers can go on leave for a while. Travel is cheap most people can afford even the less rich. The need for people to have a feel of something new and different increases the amount of holiday makers each day. Most popular long-haul destinations for UK holiday makers in the summer was Florida, Caribbean, USA, Central/South America, far east Canada, Kenya, Australia/new Zealand, India, France and South Africa. The above popular destinations have things of interest that attract tourism. The Caribbean, south America, Florida is nearer to the coasts thus having tropical beaches and good climates. ...read more.


How did you travel to Southend The need for resorts to have excellent communication helps the growth or development of a resort. It has to be easier on tourists to get to the resort anytime with any source be it cars, trains, public transport or walking. Making communication easier and convenient on tourists to go to and fro is very important. Asking this question made us find out how tourists got to the resort. Where do you live? To find out if Southend was a real tourist attraction we had to find out how far people had come for Southend, whether the resort attracted only the locals, people all over Britain or around the world. In general we find out if the resort is good enough to generate holidaymakers from all over the world. How old are you? Even though this question might make people feel uncomfortable as it usually does we just had to find out how old most of it tourists are. Were there special attractions that drew a particular age group to the resort? My friends and I found out there were not many teenagers around, more of the elderly rather. Why have you come to Southend? There bad to be features that attract people to Southend is it the beach, gardens, shops, amusement arcades, shops or even the restaurants. Most of the elderly preferred a quiet time in the gardens others liked to experience the famous longest pier in the world. I personally would come to Southend because of their shops. It had quite a few inexpensive items. What are Southend's best and worst features? These answers the question is Southend going down or still stands strong. Does it need major investments to renovate or need modern facilities, others might also think it has the best attractions and still find it a great place to holiday. It also determines what attraction most appeal to Southend's tourists and what totally put them off. ...read more.


We could have also gone in the summer to give both students and tourists a much warmer environment in order not to do rush or made up works. Obviously the only problem that would rise will be students hating to do fieldwork during the summer but even that they can be ensured at it being a fun day for them after the work was completed. To have answered our hypothesis questions better we should have had the chance to visit other resorts in competition with Southend like Blackpool, Bournemouth or the Isle of Wright we could have seen how it compared and differed from them and if it is a typical seaside resort. However we did finish the coursework with the help of researches, maps, a field trip, answered a hypothesis questions even with not enough time and through bad weathers. 1. Introduction. 2. History of Southend. 3. Southend attractions. 4. The tourist models. 5. Methodology. 6. Results and Analysis. 7. Conclusion. 8. Evaluation. 9. Research. As most tourists in the UK will prefer to stay in a familiar environment therefore taking their holidays in resorts around Britain, others will however like to explore resorts in other countries, cultures or take adventures. Disneyland is one resort that will appeal to people of all ages especially families. There are lots of interesting and fun things to be done with facilities and games to serve people of all ages. There are rides to go on, places of interest to visit, restaurants and the most famous things it is famous for is that tourists get to see people dressed up as story book characters. The French Alps, this resort is found in France and is frequented by people who like the snow and like to ski in them. This place attracts adventurous people as it gives them chances too explore and enjoy their skiing. South Africa Africa is known mainly for it safaris, but South Africa has one of the most unspoiled, unmanaged and natural habitants to offer, with lodges and natural preserves this will attract wild life lovers. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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