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The aim of this project is to prove or disprove if York is a Regional Shopping Centre.

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Se�n McConville 11F Year 11 coursework Introduction to York The aim of this project is to prove or disprove if York is a Regional Shopping Centre. To prove or disprove this theory. I have set out a set of hypothesis, that are what make up a Regional Business Centre. By the end of the project depending on weather York has met enough of the requirement, I will be able to conclude if York is infact a, Regional Business Centre. York is situated in North Yorkshire on the east coast of the UK (see fig 1.0). York has excellent motorway links to all regions of the UK. York by train is simple, excellent rail links bring you from London, Edinburgh, and Manchester in around 2 hours. Situated midway between Edinburgh and London. York is within comfortable travelling times of most regions in the UK. Travelling to York by train is probably the easiest of all, situated on the east coast main line, in the centre, it is home to the train company GNER, York has rail links to all major cities. My task is to find out if your is a regional shopping centre (RSC), to do this I will be examining the central business district (CBD) and completing the analysis of certain hypotheses to determine my final thoughts. ...read more.


this was because thy did not want to stop, because of the weather, and that they did not want to get wet. Many of the shoppers did come from York but there were still a few from outside of York. I think that there were more people from York because they were on their lunch break, as the fieldwork took place at 1pm, and that tourists would be at an indoor attraction because of the poor weather. Although shown by our figures most people visit daily to York, I would have thought that you would pay weekly or even less visits to York's CBD if it were to be a RSC. Hypothesis 3.) Most people will travel to York by car. I think that most people will have been travelling to York by car, as the weather was bad and people will not want to get wet whilst walking or waiting for public transport. Even if the day was sunny I would still expect most people to come by car as they need something to carry home their shopping in. There are many car parks in and around town and this provides relatively easy parking. From our questionnaires we decided that people were prepared from about a 1-1/2 hour radius around York. ...read more.


There were also faults in the way we collected some of the data, in the way that when we were collecting data on the environmental survey, we had to give opinions on certain factors of the city, this data is obviously subjective but we had to give it a number to rate it, therefore changing it into objective data, this was hard because not everybody had the same views and we had to average out, thus making our results in accurate. Another problem was our questionnaires, this wouldn't have been such a problem if it wasn't for the bad weather, the results we did get were rushed, and most people did not want to answer any questionnaires, because they did not want to get wet. Even though we had an umbrella people still did not feel like stopping. People who stopped were mostly tourists or old people, as everyone else was in a rush because of lunchtime. In Conclusion I feel that I have proved that York is a Regional Shopping Centre. York has met the criteria set by the hypothesis. I.e.: Bullet list here. Map Of York and surrounding area. City centre of York Bar chart to show Frequency of people visiting York. Pie chart to show different methods of travelling to York Bar chart to show purchases Chart to show the sexes in the CBD Chart to show estimated ages of people in CBD ...read more.

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