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The Boscastle Flood

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´╗┐When? On the 16th August 2004, in just over 5 hours, Boscastle went from a small tourist attraction to a disaster zone. Where? Boscastle is a small village on the north Cornish coast. The village was built on the confluence of the Valency and Jordan rivers. A third river also runs through the village. All three of these rivers burst their banks on this day. ...read more.


Why? The flood occurred due to a certain set of circumstances including physical and human factors. Physical factors The village has steep valley sides resulting in lots of surface run-off and it also lays at the confluence of the river Jordan and river Valency. The summer of 2004 had been an unusually wet summer therefore by August the ground was saturated. ...read more.


The village was built on a floodplain. Bridges were built over the river Cleaning vegetation from valley. The effects Short term 3 houses destroyed. 150 people airlifted to safety. 25 businesses damaged. 60 cars swept out to sea. Sewage pipes burst. Electricity and water supply cut off. Roads, bridges and car park destroyed. 80 buildings damaged. Long term £25 million lost business income. 20 bed and breakfast closed. Residents homeless. Rebuilding homes took 6 months. Insurance premiums increased. Risk of combination from sewage. Jobs lost. ...read more.

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