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The Brazilian government is responsible for destroying the rainforest.

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THE BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DESTROYING THE RAINFOREST There are many ways in which the rainforest is being destroyed. Here are just some of them. The biggest influence on the rainforest is the cutting down of trees. The government regulates the cutting of the trees and it gives out licences. But using the rainforest like this has devastating effects. Because the lumberjacks start on the outside of the rainforests and work their way in. There is a very big demand for the hard woods such as mahogany, this demand comes from England. However mahogany trees are very rare and grow very slowly. So roads have to be cut through the forest to provide transport, so they can reach the hard woods that they need. ...read more.


And 3,000 tonnes of tin were being produced every year. The tin is extracted by using high-pressure hoses to wash it out. This is very not enviromentally friendly because all the muck washes into the rivers. Some of the minerals are hard and picks and shovels are used. The local people who are played very small wages pay for very hard work fill this job. Cattle ranching has damaged the rainforest dramatically. In the 1960's the government started to offer farmers free land for cattle. A small ranch is about 3,000 hectares whereas a large one is about 15,000 hectares. The cattle are only bred for consumption of the people of Brazil, as it is not of good quality. The farms can become huge because the land is very poor and no fertilizers are available. ...read more.


They are also finding that their turbines have started to rot. I think that everyone has some part to play in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. The government should not give out, as many licences for logging they also should much more closely regulate how many trees are being felled. They should pay all the workers better wages. However other countries such as England can also be blamed, as the demand for wood is so high they have contributed as well. The government should have helped all the people who went to find a better life through farming as they were neglected. They should only allow cattle ranches to become a maximum size otherwise the ranchers will slowly but surely eat into the rainforest I think that the government has quite a big responsibility towards the rainforest and I don't think they have quite realised what an amazing thing they are destroying. ...read more.

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