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The Castleton Area of the Peak District requires a new management plan to cope with the increasing pressure of visitors.

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Castleton Coursework Introduction The Peak District National Park was created in 1951, is was the first ever National Park created in the UK, it is situated in Derbyshire and centrally located within the UK. I am going to create a study to find out if the hypothesis is correct. I am going to find out this information by including "graphs, surveys, field sketches and the analysis of this data. From all of this data I hope to conclude that the hypothesis is either correct or false, that the Peak District needs a new management plan. Hypothesis The Castleton Area of the Peak District requires a new management plan to cope with the increasing pressure of visitors. Castleton Map The land use map of Castleton (map 2) shows you how many different kinds of shops there are; the types are Local, Tourist and Mixed. From studying the map I have worked out that the majority of shops in Castleton are mixed and tourist. This is because the Peak District is aimed more at tourism than at local people, there are several facilities which are in Castleton that are just aimed at local people such as the police station. ...read more.


V330 GHR Maidstone R357 CVM Reading G276 SHJ Sheffield P325 DPP Manchester P84 MWJ Manchester R547 JTD Northampton L224 CVU Reading X547 DVV Maidstone K931 YTF Taunton X227 TKE Hull C37 GYD London NW E182 SAG Stoke on Trent 5693 MRK Sheffield KP988 EVT Manchester R195 SWE London (central) N102 XDB Manchester W214 GYX London (central) R236 KJA Manchester DY51 KYO Sheffield M867 SWE Sheffield From my results I have found out that most of the percentage of people came from Manchester, this could be for a few different reasons: 1. That city life is too much to handle. 2. Manchester is only 34.2 km from Castleton. The Management Plan The Peak District is currently being run by a management plan, in this management plan there are certain things in Castleton, which change or make better the plan it already has. Litter from the litter survey I know that Castleton has not got many bins, this is because the people who have made the plan hare expecting you to take your rubbish home with you, this is a sort of negative management plan. ...read more.


All though on the other hand tourism has its bad points as well, like litter, air pollution from cars, and erosion. Litter is a problem because some people see that there aren't any litter bins and they throw it on the floor, cars cause problems because they puff out smoke and fumes which are going out and into the wildlife and finally erosion, the erosion of footpaths and roads, there are currently plans for footpaths in Fairholms the management planners have introduced steps on paths to stop path erosion, also put new cobbles down so people don't walk on the grass were it has been worn away. From all of the information that I have collected I think that the management plan for Castleton does not need changing, but could do with altering. Evaluation If I could do this coursework again I would collect more sufficient evidence, like more results so I could use averages. If I had have used more evidence I would have been able to make a more precise conclusion on the Hypothesis. ...read more.

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