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The CBD (Central Business District) is found at the centre of a city or town. It is the centre of commerce, entertainment and the focus of all transport routes.

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Introduction The CBD (Central Business District) is found at the centre of a city or town. It is the centre of commerce, entertainment and the focus of all transport routes. The CBD's main characteristics are: > There are a large variety of shops and chain stores and department stores, mostly dependent on passing trade. This means that most of these shops will most likely be in the centre, where most pedestrians are. > There are both high and low order services in the CBD (Wide variety of goods). > There are a large amount of professional services due to the demand for a prestigious city centre address. > There are high land values due to the heavy competition for space and lack of space. > Tall buildings due to competition for land; this allows more shops/offices to be situated on one area. > Virtually no residential or industrial buildings due to shortage of space and high land values. Our Hypothesis: Buildings of the same function cluster together in the CBD. ...read more.


This theory refers to the change in land values in relation to distance from the centre of the CBD. Land value usually increases, as it gets closer to the CBD. This theory is related to distribution, as factories, residential buildings and large chain stores such as Sainsbury's are usually found at the edge of the CBD, where there is more space and land values are lower. However, there are few residential buildings that are found near the centre of the CBD, due to the fact that land values are high, there is a lot of pollution and there is no space. This means that shops, which rely on passing trade, mainly use the centre of the CBD. In order to test our Hypothesis, we carried out our survey in the CBD of Derry. Derry is situated in the North-West of Northern Ireland, 73 miles from Belfast. It is about 40km from the open sea. It was built mainly on the western side of the river. ...read more.


4.Furniture Stores- Does not include antique shops. These are defined as a shop that sells mainly/only furniture. 5.Newsagents- a shop at which you can buy a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, confectionary, etc. 6.Professional Services-these include accountants, solicitors, quantity surveyors and 'consultants'. Do not include medical services. The class has been divided into 6 groups. Each group has been allocated an area within the CBD. Each group has 3 tasks to carry out: Task 1: Mapping the functions of the CBD All the buildings that fell into our chosen categories were named and labelled; the results are given in maps 3-8. Task 2: Measuring the nearest neighbour distances Once a building was named, the distance between it and its 'nearest neighbour' was measured and recorded. A group member was nominated to measure paces between buildings. The size of the member's paces was then measured and the distances converted to meters. The results were recorded in tables 1-6. Task 3: Pedestrian counts Each group were required to participate in a pedestrian count between the times of 11:00am-11:15am. A tally chart was made and the amount of people who passed was recorded. The results are given in table 7 and map 9. ...read more.

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