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The Chinese one child policy

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The Chinese one child policy This is one of the most documented population control policies that has ever existed, the Chinese one child policy. During the second part of the 20th century the Chinese government became concerned about population growth. There was cause for concern due to the Chinese government wanting to avoid a Malthusian type disaster in the future and also they realised that Chinese people could only have a rising standard of living if the population was controlled. ...read more.


This therefore meant that the population spiralled out of control. From 1974-79 there was a policy change and people were encouraged to reduce the birth rate by the slogan wan-xi-shoa (later, longer, fewer) this included the concepts of later marriages longer gaps between children and fewer children in general. This combined was designed to decrease population growth. In 1974-79 this policy wan-xi-shoa did not work and population carried on increasing. ...read more.


The policy was the practice of female infanticide. The policy was very successful in urban areas but less in rural areas as it was harder to police and the need for children was greater as the more manual labour side is more common. From 1990 onwards the one child policy has been relaxed slightly. This is partly because it was so difficult to enforce, and also because of the economic impacts of a population where there were far more older people than young, where there in time would be far more people not working than working ...read more.

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