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The Contribution of Countryside Tourism to the UK Travel and Tourism Industry

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The Contribution of Countryside Tourism to the UK Travel and Tourism Industry Across the UK there are 4 main categories of tourist and visitor attractions. These categories are: * Large City/Large Town, * Seaside, * Countryside/Village, * Small Town. The table above shows that; domestic trips to the countryside area, has now gone into second place out of the 4 categories of tourist and visitor attractions. Over recent years (since 2000) there has been a slight decrease from 24% (2000) to 22% (2003). For day trips across the UK Cities are more popular amongst tourists. This could be for a number of reasons like; * More spending opportunities, * More shopping/activity facilities etc. The table above talks about Domestic Holidays. As shown above the countryside category accounts for at least a quarter of all holidays in terms of the 4 different holiday destinations. It is seen as equally important to the Travel and Tourism Industry in the UK. ...read more.


All the old cities like Bath, London, York etc are very popular with overseas tourists because they enjoy sightseeing and looking at the UK's historical monuments. The overseas tourists may be more inclined to visit the countryside after the London bombings because they are scared and put off by terrorist activity. Visit Britain should grab this opportunity to generate more money and tourism into the countryside by advertising Britain's brilliant countryside and remote coastline. It could also advertise the National Parks around Britain and this may boost countryside tourism over the next 10 years from foreigners. UK tourists who spend more than one day in the countryside is only 17%. This also has a lot more room for potential growth although there are some very big factors that may affect UK tourists not visiting the countryside. The weather cannot be guaranteed in the UK so people would prefer to go on holiday abroad where the weather is always hot and sunny. ...read more.


This is only a very small percentage of the total spending in the UK by overseas tourists. Only 6% of the tourists from overseas visit the countryside. I think to improve this figure Visit Britain should advertise the British countryside and remote coastline a lot more abroad on things like TV, posters, in travel agents etc. This would improve the amount of visitor spend from overseas by a lot because there is a lot of potential growth from the 94% of overseas visitors who just visit UK cities. Day visitors to the UK countryside: In 1998 day visits to the UK countryside and remote coastline survey indicated that 1,253 million people went on leisure day visits from home to the countryside, together with an estimated 90 million visits to open coastline. A total of 1,343 million day trips or 25% of all leisure trips in England. Expenditure associated with these trips amounted to �8,942 million. This category of tourists to the countryside is by far the most important because it generates three quarters of the total income into countryside tourism. ?? ?? ?? ?? Peter Winwood 28/04/2007 ...read more.

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