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The country of Bangladesh will never be able too stop its flooding problems without assistance from the Indian government

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Introduction As you can see in the map above, there are many rivers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has huge rivers flowing through it such ganges, brahmaputra, jamuna nad meghna. Bangladesh is a delta, basically it is a deposit of silt, clay and sand which is shaped at the rivers mouth. This delta is situated on the eastern part of Indian subcontinent. . The country of Bangladesh will never be able too stop its flooding problems without assistance from the Indian government. There are various reasons why flooding takes place in Bangladesh. India's Farakka Barrage is a part of it, it does have an impact on the flooding but there are other reasons too. Therefore I don't think the assistance from the Indian government will stop the flooding totally. There are different reasons for flooding in Bangladesh such as deforestation, change of climate, global warming and the result of low lying countries. The water coming from the Himalayas due to the snow melting is also swelling up the rivers. The heavy rain during the monsoon and deforestation in the highlands and mountains are all causes of flooding. Bangladesh is the biggest delta in the world and most of Bangladesh is less than 5 meters above sea level. ...read more.


The drainage blockage seems to be everywhere apart from the hilly areas and highland. This is located in the eastern and northern part of Bangladesh. The effects of these high river water levels extend over most of the country and are the main determinant of the drainage condition and capacity. Flooding caused by this drainage congestion exists nearly everywhere except in the highland and hilly areas in the northern and eastern parts of the country."(http://www.banglapedia.net/HT/L_0045.HTM). As a result of all these reasons flooding takes place. The Farakka Barrage does have an impact on the flooding. When the monsoon season comes, India opens the gates, and the water comes to Bangladesh. This is a huge fault, and the Indian government should certainly do something about it. Nevertheless even if the Indian government did something about it, will all the other reasons vanish? Won't the global warming, melting of ice, and deforestation still take place which would cause flooding. The country of Bangladesh is comprised of flood material and silt and as such will increase significantly in size over the next thousand years. Bangladesh is comprised of flood material and silt hence there will be an increase of size over the next thousand years. ...read more.


If the major rivers of Bangladesh are controlled there would be surely a devastating effect on the fertility of the soil. To a certain extent controlling the rivers would mean no flood. Although flood causes a lot of destruction, there is advantage to it which related to the fertility of the soil and agriculture. The floods in Bangladesh actually help in a way. The flood leaves behind fertile silt. In the fields and fish roe in pond fertile silt is deposited. "The rice crop which is planted before the flood thrives after this fertile silt"( http://www.ccds.charlotte.nc.us/History/Asia/03/gould/gould.html) Obviously there are ways to stop the flood, however one way or the other there is advantage to it. The floods even leave a good amount of water to. If flooding stops there will severe consequences on crops and fish. Bangladesh has lots of areas consisting flood plains and therefore a lot of flood water tend to go over it. However, when flood water moves away, there is a vast amount of silt and fertile soil left. Hence, it helps agriculture. In conclusion, I agree with the statement, I think there would be a devastating effect on the fertility of soil and silt. This is because of that fact that the flood leave behind nutrition's which are extremely good for agriculture. Mariha 10(1) . ...read more.

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