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The daily lives of the rainforest people

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The daily lives of the rainforest people The tribal people wear animal skin; the bora tribe wear bark cloth And the Kayapo men wear lip disks, this gives a very distinctive appearance. Most tribes live deep into the forest. The Kayapo tribe use palm leaves as roofs to their huts. ...read more.


Shifting cultivation is an agricultural system in which plots of land are cultivated temporarily, and then abandoned. This system often involves clearing of a piece of land followed by several years of wood harvesting or farming, until the soil loses fertility. Once the land becomes inadequate for crop production, it is left to be reclaimed by natural vegetation, or sometimes converted to a different long-term cyclical farming practice. ...read more.


People in tribes consume a daily balance of protein, they would normally eat, acorns, salmon, surf fish, abalone, mussels, bulb plants, deer and small game as rabbits or monkeys. The lives of the rainforest people are completely different to ours they don't use electricity, they kill there own food, they were animal skin , and they have lots of different ways of surviving the rainforest, they have completely different ways of living. ...read more.

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