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The Effects of Tourism in Menorca

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The Effects of Tourism: Case Study Menorca 1. Reasons why Menorca is a popular destination from the UK, Germany and Scandinavia: * With rising amounts of disposable income, tourists can afford to travel further on their holidays. This has also led to the demise of such British holiday resorts such as Brighton, Blackpool and Cornwall. * Also, the diminishing costs of flying due to budget airlines providing charter flights and the construction of a new airport with a longer runway coupled with the reduced time of flying to Menorca due to advances in Jet aircraft and the smoothness of arranging a holiday through Package holidays mean that flying to Menorca is less strenuous, more hassle-free and accessible than in the past. * The climate is more tropical because it is further south than the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. Also, due to the island's small size, no residency will be far from the beach. 2. The attractions for tourists as illustrated by figures 3.40 and 3.41: In Figure 3.40: * The white sand and clear blue sea- the coast. ...read more.


* Services industries eg. Food production, builders, restaurants, caf�s, hotels, taxi drivers/car hire * Airports will produce jobs for local communities * Civic services will employ more people to sweep towns etc. 4. When tourists bring money to Menorca, parts of the income proceed through taxes to the government, who spend some of the money on public services (eg. Better roads, hospitals, redeveloping downmarket areas etc.) This money then encourages more people to come to the country that brings even more money in through taxes that can be spent on public services. This is repeated over and over. 5. Menorca attracts few tourists during November-April due to two things: i. The climate. During the winter months, the temperature is rarely above 15OC. Also, the monthly rainfall for the 6 winter months averages at 5.5 mm. This is compares with an average temperature of 27OC during the peak summer season - June, July and August. In these three months, the average rainfall is 1.3 mm. ...read more.


Also, room is needed to expand the countries' infrastructure, which could well lead to deforestation. v. The cultures of the local Menorcans will be diluted by the import of foreign cultures. Eg. Cuisine, language, currency, music and manners. 7. The disadvantages and advantages of the use of the local language, Minorqui are: Advantages: The preservation of the local culture, and to make sure that the local population do not get too disillusioned with the measures taken concerning local tourism Disadvantages: Is not helpful to tourists, who could find it hard to understand the happenings in Menorca. This could a factor that prevents tourists going to Menorca repeatedly, lessening sustainable tourism. Also, they may collect less revenue from advertising due to the lessened interest from companies trying to influence a foreign audience, who will not understand them. 8. To protect the environment, the Menorcan officials are: * Prevent buildings 250m from the coast can be no more than two storeys high. * A bridle path around the coast to encourage quiet recreation has been set up. * The UN have designated Menorca a Biosphere Reserve to acknowledge the natural environment of Menorca. Laurence Everitt ...read more.

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