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The following are 3 adverse effects of globalization a widening income gap between the rich and the poor, loss of local cultures and environmental degradation Which do you think is the most serious?

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Name: Lieu Whai Theng (09) Class: 4G Date: 15/3/2011 ACE Structured Essay: Globalization The following are 3 adverse effects of globalization - Widening income gap between the rich and the poor - Loss of local cultures - Environmental degradation Which do you think is the most serious? EYA [13 marks] Globalization is defined as the process by which people, their ideas and their activities in different part of the world becoming interconnected or integrated. Globalization affects our way of life and brings change to our lifestyle. Globalization has caused many adverse effects on the world such as the widening of income gap between the rich and the poor, loss of local cultures and environmental degradation. Out of these 3 adverse effects, I would deem environmental degradation to be the most serious effect of all as the impact of environmental degradation affects many on a large scale and cause great damage to Earth and its people physically. ...read more.


Another effect of globalization would be the widening income gap between the rich and the poor. Globalization has led to the rapid development in many countries and the spread of poverty in others. This is because developed countries experience rapid income growth as they own most of the manufacturing activities. Developed countries and their transnational corporations are able to attract investments, skilled labour and resources away from poor areas as international trade has generated much revenue for them. On the other hand, developing countries face trade restrictions put up by developed countries. They are not capable of manufacturing better quality goods that fetch higher prices. Poorer nations are only attractive for labour-intensive and low-cost ventures. The rich developed countries will prosper with better opportunities while the poor developing countries will face poverty and economic uncertainties like retrenchment. This widening of income gap caused by globalization can lead to social problems and increase tension between the rich and poor. ...read more.


These corporations with their standardized methods of operation have outlets that are identical in appearance. This is therefore evident that globalization have led to a "multiplier effect" in terms of food, branding and culture. In conclusion, environmental degradation is the most adverse effect of globalization out of all as it impacts the Earth, the environment, the economical development of the country and the health of the people on a large scale. Furthermore, the effects of environmental degradation are irreversible. Once deforestation or the burning of trees have taken place, the effects of greenhouse gases and global warming would have taken its toll on the Earth. Local cultures can be inculcated into the younger generations when they are younger so that the erosion of local culture would not be so severe. In terms of the widening of income gap between the rich and poor, it is evident that the effects of environmental degradation are more adverse in terms of comparison with the number of people being affected by. Thus we can say environment degradation is the most serious effect of globalization. ...read more.

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