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The geography of Hallsands.

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Day 2 For day 2 we had to walk along Start Bay from Start Point to Slapton via the villages of South Hallsands, North Hallsands, Beesands and Torcross. In the village of Hallsands the night of 26 January 1917 serves as a reminder of the folly on interfering with the sea. Little is left of the original village It supported 128 inhabitants before that fateful day, and was protected by a large pebble ridge. Darkness came early that afternoon as the pending storm blew down the Channel, a rare, strong, and easterly winds. Well protected from the prevailing south-westerlies, the village became vulnerable as the winds swung around to the north-east and strengthened. The tide was exceptionally high that night and couple with the fierce onshore winds the sea came pounding up the beach. It surged over the pebble ridge crashing across a wall into the houses beyond. Smashing through winds and bursting open doors, it flooded the ground floors of the houses, enveloping them in cold swirling water. Hallsands as it was before the storm Hallsands today The site of the old village at South Hallsands is closed, although South Hams District Council has built a viewing platform, which is accessed from Trout's Apartments (formerly Trout's Hotel) in South Hallsands. The beach at North Hallsands, known locally at the time as "Greenstraight", is the only one remaining at Hallsands as the beach beside the village no longer exists having been removed in 1917 by the storm. ...read more.


In beesands, the property is also very expensive. For Residential properties it costs 150,000 per floor, and there are 25 houses (2 floors). For Commercial properties it costs 170,000 per floor, and there are 4 businesses (3x 2floors, 1x1floor). This means the cost of Residential properties is �7,500,000. For Commercial properties it costs �1,900,000. Overall, the total value of properties in Beesands is �9,400,000. I will now find out if the value of the properties outweighs the costs of protecting, by subtracting the cost of the sea defences from the total financial value of properties. Sea Defences Total = �1,615,100. Property Total = �9,400,000. �9,400,000 - �1,615,100 = �7,784,900. As you can see, the answer is zero or above, so the value of the properties outweigh the cost of the sea defences which shows the defences are very beneficial (a positive CBA). Torcross Torcross is a small village at the southern end of Slapton Sands, a narrow strip of coastal road and shingle beach separating Slapton Ley from Start Bay. It is now well known as the beach where many lives were lost during rehearsals for the D-Day landings in 1944 and there is a memorial tank, which was recovered from the sea. Torcross has survived some terrible storms that have battered the village, on 4 January 1979 enormous waves washed over the roofs of the dwellings causing substantial damage, lorry loads of boulders were ...read more.


The South Hams District Council is working to keep the A379 from being eroded away by road realignment and the importing of shingle from parts of Slapton Sands that have a surplus. A study by Natural England after the 2001 storm confirmed that Slapton Sands is and will continue to retreat backwards, due to the reduction in the amount of shingle available, increasing frequency of storms and a predicted 30 to 40 cm rise in sea level over the next 50 years. Issues for the future There are many issues surrounding the future of Beesands, Hallsands and Torcross. Even though many measures have been taken to assure the safety of these villages, many threats still worry the villagers. I think that we should invest on repairing old coastal defences, because there could be a flood/storm in the same area where the coastal defence is shattered. This would lead to a catastrophe which could have easily been avoided. Also, I think we should invest in new coastal defences. We should buy more advanced, stronger and better defences to assure the people living by the coast of no damage if a storm ever does rage. The expenses of this would certainly be worth while, as it could prevent a lot of damage and even human life. If the villagers were to not build or repair the sea defences, and let nature take its causes, they could risk their homes, loved ones and their whole village being wiped out. ...read more.

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