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The growing Population in China

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China - Population Change At one time China had encouraged large families so they had more workers and in rural areas people had large families to help with farming and support parents in old age. In 1975 an average Chinese family had 3 children and, if this continued, China's population would have risen to 2 billion in the next 1000 years. The Chinese government introduced the one child policy in 1979 in order to slow down the rate of population growth in China. The one-child policy meant that each couple was allowed just one child once they were over the age of 25 and had been given permission. ...read more.


While the policy has reduced China's growth it has raised several other issues. One of these is that because of the falling birth rate the population structure is becoming unbalanced between young and old, as the relative number of elderly people rises. At the same time there are fewer people of working age to support the growing number of elderly dependents. In the future China could have an ageing population. Millions of baby girls have ended up homeless, in orphanages or even killed in China, drowned or abandoned, so their parents could try for a boy who would be able to support their parents in their old age - daughters having entered their husband's family. ...read more.


officials in one Chinese village had drowned a new-born baby in front of its parents because he was the third baby and his father had no money to pay the fine. Since the international outcry of the stories describing the killings of infant girls the Chinese government have been forced to compromised and have now allowed couples to apply to have a second child if their first child is a girl, or if both parents are themselves only-children and if their child is disabled. It has been said that 97.5% of abortions are performed on female foetuses. This is because of sonic imaging and amniocentesis being used in China to determine the gender of foetuses and to abort them if they are female. ...read more.

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