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The impact of ICT on the local community

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The impact of ICT on the local community Introduction. Sedgley is situated in Dudley, West midlands and is home to many pubs, wine bars, off-licences, shops, homes and schools. Due to the amount of pubs and wine bars, Sedgley centre has became almost like a tourist attraction to drunks causing anti-social behaviour on the streets frightening senior citizens and younger people. CCTV In Sedgley there are many CCTV cameras in schools, shops etc. There are three main CCTV cameras situated in Sedgley and they are next to Mayflower, on the bullring and by Co-Op. The main cameras record 24hrs a day and are controlled by officers from Sedgley police station in the CCTV room behind the police station. The officers monitoring the CCTV can turn the cameras up, down and round providing a full view of Sedgley. ...read more.


For the small minority of people which do not have or use a mobile phone there are quite a few public phone boxes situated every few minutes apart providing phone facilities in convenient places. Data capture technologies Sedgley is also home to many shops differing from really large shops to tiny shops, some owned as part of a big company and others privately owned and run. The three busiest shops in Sedgley are probably Co-Op, Sommerfields and Stars newsagents these shops being larger shops and selling life's essentials. In all three of these shops they use an EPOS system which reads barcodes and records which stock has been sold and therefore can produce lists of best sellers and can produce documents telling the store manager what stock needs re-ordering . The EPOS systems can also give a reading of how much profit has been made from different departments and can also give an 'X' and 'Z' read to show daily and weekly profit. ...read more.


Although the machines are used in the daytime they are mainly used at night by customers from the pub's, club's and wine bars and even by people passing Through Sedgley on the way to Dudley or Wolverhampton. Another type of financial transaction which has high availability in Sedgley is Chip and Pin which is used around most of the big stores in Sedgley. Evaluation I feel that In Sedgley there is a really good use of technology making the place Friendlier, Safer and more convenient for everyone to live in. In Sedgley we are benefited by many types of technology which people don't often realise because the technology is taken for granted However even though the technology benefits people, some people don't like some of the technology such as the CCTV cameras even though they make Sedgley safer. ?? ?? ?? ?? John Timmins 10G ...read more.

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