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The Impact of Tourism on Benidorm.

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´╗┐BENIDORM CASE STUDY ________________ Benidorm is situated on the south east coast of Spain near the Mediterranean. Map of Benidorm Before the tourist hype Benidorm was a small fishing village, with a relatively small population - whose main income was obtained through fishing the local coast, the Costa del Sol - but quickly became Spain's biggest holiday resort for people from foreign countries, and at its peak, it was attracting four million tourists each year.Benidorm in the 1960?s Between 1930 and 1970 it became one of the most visited tourist destinations. ...read more.


Benidorm is the most affluent area of Spain due to tourism. There is loads of work for the local people and most are flexible due to their nature. There is also a sense of globalisation as people get to get a taste of a different culture for example eating in foreign food restaurants. Overcrowding in Benidorm There is however some major negative impacts of tourism in Benidorm, for example it is overcrowded, the population has increased from 700,000 to 110,000,00. A lot of the negative impacts effect the local environment such as hardly any of the beach is natural and is constantly having to be replenished due to erosion mainly due to humans. ...read more.


Over the last few years Benidorm has been trying to shake of the ?lager lout? reputation it became to develop mainly due to amount of British tourist go there just to party and become disorderly. Tourism officials decided they did not want that label and wanted to make it more family friendly and are determined to shake the bad reputation they have developed due to the amount of drunken people. There are plans to build more 4-5 star hotels to regain the tourist they had started to lose due to their bad reputation ...read more.

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