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The Inner City Zone is surrounded by the residential suburbs. The Inner City Zone ends where the residential

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Data Interpretation What are the Features of CBD? The CBD is located in the centre of the town as shown in figures 11 and 23. It has many features all contributing to the overall feature of the CBD. The CBD is very different to the surrounding areas. The majority of CBDs have a pedestrian zone. This is demonstrated by figures 16 and 17 which show that in the CBD there is a large amount of pedestrians and no cars. This is a feature of the CBD as it would be dangerous for cars to be in an area with such high numbers pedestrians. The land use in the CBD is predominantly retail shops with some offices. This is due to the CBD being a place where people come to shop. Therefore the large retail chain companies all locate to this area so that they can capitalise on the high numbers of people who go there. This is shown in figure 11, in the centre of town there is only shops. The price of land in the CBD is extremely expensive due to its great demand to any business relying on passing trade, for example a clothes shop. ...read more.


Due to this the factories are set up in the Inner City. Also in the Inner City there is a large amount of older houses as when the factories were first built in the 1900's the factory owners wanted their workforce close to the factories so they built the terraced housing by the factories in the Inner City. This is clearly shown by figure 11. The environmental quality in the Inner City is far less than the CBD. One reason is the houses are very compact and in rows which give an oppressive feel to the whole area. Also the factories in the area create pollution and are a visual eye sore; both of these bring down the environmental quality of the area. The CBD of an area is the centre of all public transport there are more buses and trains there than any place in the whole area. Also the CBD is often pedestrianised therefore receiving very little traffic pollution. The inner city is not like this; it has far less trains and buses and has older roads. In rush hours of the day the roads get very congested and with cars pumping out pollution this dramatically lowers the environmental quality in the inner city. ...read more.


This is reflected in figures 12 to 15 in sites 1 -5. What differences in housing are there within the suburbs? Within the suburbs there are two main different types of housing. The first type of housing is upper class housing. Photograph showing Upper class house Photo: 7 This type of housing is normally in small villages dotted around the suburbs. The housing in these small villages usually contain is large detached properties with land at the back. These are older houses set in rural areas known as commuter villages. These houses allow workers from the city the opportunity to live in attractive rural surroundings. The other type of housing is council housing in large estates. This housing is packed quite close together and smaller than the upper class housing. This housing is nearer the inner city and is much newer. These were developed in an attempt to cater for the great demand for housing. Within the two areas of the suburbs the upper class residential area has a much greater environmental quality. The price of housing in the two areas is a gulf apart. Houses in the upper class areas are likely to be five or six times more expensive. ...read more.

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