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The kayapo and korubu

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Kayapo The Kayapo live in the Xingu Basin. They live by; hunting, fishing and collecting the various crops they grow. Their area includes the Brazilian frontier which contains the mining and lumber industry where they participate in many aspects of the contemporary world. The Kayapo use a cash economy and have stayed on good terms with their Brazilian neighbours without compromising their cultural integrity. This is accomplished in part by adhering to their art-making and rituals. Traditionally, the Kayapo men wear discs in their lower lip. A small incision is made and a disk inserted. As time goes on the disks become progressively larger. Body adornment symbolizes many things in their traditional society. Ear plugs symbolize receptivity to others while a lip plug symbolizes assertiveness. Aggressive and faction-prone groups like the Kayapo will signal their aggressiveness (while asserting they seek to contain it) by not wearing large ear plugs (they do not listen to others well, deafened by the pursuit of individual and group advancement), by ...read more.


Korubu The Korubu are a tribe of indigenous people living in the Javari Valley. The group calls themselves 'Dslala', and in Portuguese they are referred to as caceteiros (head bashers). Much of what the outside world knows of this group is based on the research of Brazilian explorer Sydney Possuelo who first contacted the tribe in October 1996 and journalist Paul Raffaele. The Korubo are a few of the last people on Earth to live in near isolation from the modern society, although they have on a few occasions had violent contact with the surrounding communities. An offshoot of the group is led by a female named Maya. This splinter group has around 23 members and the larger group is estimated to have around 150 members. A dispute between about 20 members and the main tribe caused the two bands to separate. The main tribe is for the time being in complete isolation whereas the smaller band of Korubo have frequent interaction with neighbouring settlements and FUNAI employees. ...read more.


They have some knowledge of farming and agriculuture, making clearings for harvests of crops. first peaceful contact in 1972 ended tragically and over the following decades Brazil's FUNAI agency lost seven civil servants in attempts to establish a peaceful relation with them. This finally occurred in 1996. Much is unknown about these people, because of FUNAI's refusal to let anthropologists study the group. After a long history from the 1950s of massacres of this indigenous people a special department of FUNAI organized an expedition in 1996 to establish a first peaceful contact with them. The Korubo in the past have killed trespassers on their land and the latest incident occurred year 2000, when Korubo warriors killed three lumbermen near the Indian Reservation. FUNAI helps the Korubo by giving them modern immunization shots and checking up on them often. FUNAI also established a national park that encompasses the Korubo's land in order to stop logging in the area. Their goal is to prevent further contact with the tribe by modern society in order to preserve their way of life for several more years. ...read more.

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