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The main objective of our market research is to find out the attitudes of tourists above 35 years old concerning their stay in Gran Canaria.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 OBJECTIVES 2 METHODOLOGY 2 ANALYSIS 3 CONCLUSION 5 RECOMMENDATIONS 5 APPENDIX 6 INTERVIEW HOTEL REINA ISABEL, LAS PALMAS 6 NEWPAPER ARTICLE 7 GRAPHS 8 STATISTICAL INFORMATION FROM ISTAC 10 Introduction We are a market research based company who has received an offer from the Government of Gran Canaria to carry out a market research of the attitudes the tourists have towards this island because he feels that the tourism business is becoming of less importance day by day and it wants to find out ways to overcome this problem. To know all the required information we will conduct a market research which will consist of searching information, recording and analysing the results in order to meet our objectives which are defined as following. Objectives The main objective of our market research is to find out the attitudes of tourists above 35 years old concerning their stay in Gran Canaria, in other words, what the tourist do for entertainment, what they spend their money on and what they are looking for during their stay on this island. Our other objective is to find out the reasons why tourists visit this island. We will obtain these data using: * Primary information, which we have obtained by: - Employing questionnaires, interview in Reina Isabel Hotel and also interviewing Gina Segura Mac�as who works in the tourist information centre in Puerto Rico. * Additionally, we will employ secondary information which consist of: - ISTAC (Institute of Statistics in Canarias), the Internet, the newspaper ("La Provincia" and "Canarias7") and other leaflets. Methodology For our Market Research of the attitudes of tourists towards Gran Canaria we aimed at tourist above the age of 35, since they represent the majority of tourists and are the higher quality tourists that spend more money and time on the island. Their answers are more differential and more qualitative due to their experience with other trips. ...read more.


These figures again suggest that the German tourists are of a higher quality as they spend more money. This is also proved with the secondary information that we have, where it shows that 31.91 % of German tourists stayed in 4-5 star hotels and spend more money as an average in accommodation whereas, only 21.16% of English tourists stayed in that category of hotel.7 Moreover, as seen on the graph, those asked from Italy and Scotland all stayed in apartments again signifying that they are low-quality tourists and come here generally for an economic holiday. However, the results obtained for Scotland, Italy, Netherlands and Others may not be very accurate as only a very small sample of tourists were asked so it might not be quite representative but just gives us a slight idea. In general, we have found out that during the tourists' stay in Gran Canaria most of the tourists visited Las Palmas (the main capital city) and Playa del Ingl�s mainly for beaches and a in search of a better climate. Moreover, a reasonably high number of tourists have visited Puerto de Mogan, which is a relaxing and quieter place. Many of them visited specific places such as Palmitos Park, Sioux City, Aquasur and Crocodile Park, which are also in the south and only a few of them visited Telde for the golf course. Consequently, we can see that most of the tourists have come for shopping (in the north) and for sun and beach (in the south) and very few for its culture because none of them mentioned places such as Cenebio de Valer�n, G�ldar, etc. Nevertheless, the Government is currently trying to change the image of Gran Canaria and is trying to bring in more cultural and higher quality tourists by promoting Gran Canaria as a place rich in culture, history and in golf. However, by analysing our questionnaires we can conclude that the attitudes of tourists towards this island are yet mainly of sun and beach. ...read more.


Respecto a las compa��as a�reas interinsulares, Binter Canarias incorporar� su nuevo avi�n a las rutas, lo que significa 12 saltos m�s para vuelos entre Gran Canaria, Tenerife y Fuerteventura adem�s de su aeronave de reservas a aquellas rutas que precisen refuerzo. Islas Airways, por su parte ya tendr� operativos sus dos aviones para cubrir las mismas rutas. Respecto al turismo extranjero, turoperadores como TUI, pese a la menor importancia de la Semana Santa para el resto de Europa puesto que no se celebra, aumentar� la capacidad de los vuelos, en fechas anteriores incluso, de Hapag-Lloyd a Canarias en 5.000 plazas. Entre otros incrementos de capacidades se encuentra un aumento de 184 plazas en cada uno de los vuelos desde Hamburgo, Hannover y Frankfurt con destino a Fuerteventura. Asimismo, para el pr�ximo d�a 12 de abril, se aumentar�n las capacidades de asientos en varios centenares de plazas en los vuelos desde D�sseldorf y Stuttgart a Gran Canaria aparte de aumentarse el pr�ximo 13 de abril desde los vuelos procedentes de Munich, Stuttgart y D�sseldorf a Lanzarote. Con respecto a las previsiones en el Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria se espera un movimiento de m�s de 436.000 pasajeros en 3.164 operaciones desde el 11 al 21 de abril, unos 90.000 menos que el a�o pasado, seg�n los datos suministrados por Aeropuertos Espa�oles y Navegaci�n A�rea (AENA). (c) Inforcasa, 2002 canarias7@canarias7.es GRAPHS Graph to show the different nationalities where tourists come from NATIONALITY # TOURISTS GERMANY 15 ENGLAND 11 SCOTLAND 4 ITALY 2 NETHERLANDS 2 OTHER 7 TOTAL 41 Graph to show the attitudes of Tourists Graph to show the different reasons for visiting Gran Canaria Graph to show where the tourists stay during their stay Statistical information from ISTAC 1 See graphs and tables in appendix. 2 See appendix 3 See Canarias 7 - in Appendix 4 http://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/istac/ 5 See n� 6 in the questionnaire 6 See Graph 7 Istac, Gasto medio por paises 2002, Alemania y Reino Unido. 8 See interview with the hotel Reina Isabel in Appendix. Tourist Attitudes Market Research 1 ...read more.

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