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The Maylasian Rainforest

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The Malaysian rainforest is located in south East Asia by the South China Sea. 37 million acres of land in Malaysia is covered by rainforest what is around 47% of the overall country. The climate in the rainforest is hot and wet and temperatures can reach up to 32c. This means vegetation grows rapidly all year long. The average rainfall is 2000 - 2506 mm q year but most of that comes in the rainy season what are the months between November and March. Within the rainforest here are 5 main layers. Within these 5 layers there are different habitats. The first layer is called Emergent's, birds and insects live here. The main canopy is the second layer birds and monkeys live here. Beneath the main canopy is the under canopy and animals like insects and sloths live here. The 4th layer is known as the shrub layer is a water based level and animals like alligators and piranhas live here. ...read more.


The help schemes have power what provides electricity for all towns and for the industries. More than 50% has been cleared in the last 50 years. The rainforest is millions of years old and if it continues to be cleared at the rate what it is then it will be all gone in 40 years. The plants and trees also help the locals as there can be collected for medical uses. One of these is to relieve the symptoms of malaria. There are different effects of the things being done in the Malaysian rainforest. Leaching gives a hard impact on the nutrient cycle because when they remove the trees it leaves the soil bare which means the nutrients are easily washed away. Sustainable development is where we keep the same amount of resources for the next generation. Sustainable development should generate income for communities and respect the cultures and environment. But something I think that is important for it is to use appropriate technology and equipment that doesn't harm the environment. ...read more.


This helps pay of the debts and also supplies new homes for the ever growing population. There are many ways which the management of the forest could be sustained. In my opinion i think that protecting the rainforest is very important as it plays a big part in the world climate. I also think that if they continue to chop down the forest then it will become a world crises. The Malaysian minister of primary products said 'the west has already become rich from destroying its forest. They have now adopted hypocritical principles which they didn't apply themselves but insist on imposing them on us'. This shows that the government thinks that the government thinks that using the trees as a resource is a good thing. Environmental groups such as green peace clearly share there opinion on deforestation. Buster Maitar, the Greenpeace forest campaigner says 'the next generation of Malaysians will not see any forest if no action is taken'. My opinion is that both government and rainforest should stop burning down tress and start replanting them. I also think that they should develop other resources such as wind and solar. ...read more.

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