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The most popular mode of transport used to reach Wilmslow

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Methodology. On Friday 20th September 2002, thirty-six year eleven G.C.S.E. Geography candidates from Alderley Edge School for Girls visited Wilmslow town centre to carry out a data collection survey between the hours of 9:15 and 12:15. This was to establish the most popular mode of transport used to reach Wilmslow, assess the pedestrian density in Grove Street and its surrounding areas, and to establish whether or not there is a distinct pattern of land use within the centre of Wilmslow. Below is a photograph of Wilmslow's pedestrianised high street, Grove Street. We collected various pieces of information, from both primary and secondary sources. We interviewed members of the general public to get their views on Wilmslow using a questionnaire consisting of five closed questions that would identify for us where they lived, their mode of transport in visiting the town centre for ...read more.


This will help us determine whether of not there is a distinct land use pattern within Wilmslow. As well as telling us what types of shops are positioned where, we will be able to see if the services are situated together, if some streets have a more distinct pattern than others, if in fact there is no pattern at all, and where there are vacant shops for which we can assess why. There were however some problems that occurred whilst carrying out the landuse map, as there had been some shops missed off the map, and I found it extremely difficult to write on the map as it was so small and cramped. The third and final method of data collection was a pedestrian count, which took place 11:00am for fifteen minutes. ...read more.


Also it was not specified whether or not to count babies in prams, and as a result of this, some girls did, whereas others did not. Also it was very hard to stay within the designated time, as no bell was rang at the start or end, and so consequently the participating girls had to rely on themselves and many started a minute too early or ran too late, which will have altered the results. For further investigation, I chose to interview shopkeepers from both Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, to assess whether or not, they feel, that the Alderley Edge Bypass will effect trade in these two nearby towns. I asked questions to find out if they felt trade from Alderley Edge would go to Wilmslow once the bypass is built, which would therefore change our findings greatly if we were to go back and reinvestigate once the bypass has been built. ...read more.

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