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The number of tourists visiting Malham decreases with increasing distances

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Evaluation In my coursework I found out that we had several problems and some minor mistakes that we could improve when we visit Malham again and I have found out several things that we could improve and to start of is with the number plates. When we went to Malham we tried to collect 100 car number plates to measure how many visitors are visiting Malham and we also tried to see where the visitors are coming from nearby or further away and we also made up an hypothesis to prove if its true or false and our hypothesis was "The number of tourists visiting Malham decreases with increasing distances." ...read more.


we also wanted to prove our hypothesis true by writing all the number plates down to see where they have came from and our hypothesis was the number of tourists visiting Malham decreases with increasing distance and it was proved wrong because no tourists came from Keighley or close by accept us and also places like Leeds and Yorkshire which is near the closest visitors we visiting Malham and the other problem was then we didn't even know whether the cars were visitors or local and this could also be and inaccurate result. The other problem was timing in our case we only had one hour to record as much number plates as possible and our maximum plates to be record was ...read more.


next time I visit Malham I will gather more evidence and prove and the main points I will improve is that the next time I visit Malham I will go on either weekends or on holidays because there will be more visitors visiting Malham and this can make my evidence and coursework stronger and reliable and I will also spend more time in gathering information and prove I will also check tax discs on cars to see where tourists have came from and its more reliable and accurate then gathering Number plates and I will also do a survey In Malham to see where visitors have came from and this can be more reliable as well as accurate ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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