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The Port of Yamba

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The Port of Yamba Yamba is a town on the seaside located at the mouth of the Clarence River, approximately 500 kilometres north of Sydney. It is also positioned at the entrance to the largest estuarine river system in New South Wales. Yamba now has an important seaport that handles goods going to and from overseas as well as other ports in Australia due to the major harbour works in the last 140 years. The area of Yamba, once supported a particularly high population of Aboriginal people. The tribes of Aborigines were very large, high organised, semi-permanent and were very close to the coast. The density of the Aboriginal population was because of the plentiful supply of possums, snakes and birds. ...read more.


Also, because the river was very prone to flooding, the channel through the sand shoals across the entrance was constantly changing. What was needed was a stable channel that was deep enough and therefore safe enough for ocean going ships. Therefore the construction of Yamba Harbour took place. The Port of Yamba has encountered many issues in concerns of the coastal management. The building of the Yamba Harbour has been of great concern. The construction of it has attracted many ships to its port with the shipping of goods. But although the shipping of goods benefits many people with jobs, it is also destroying the coast. ...read more.


It has numerous surfing beaches including that of Whiting beach, Pipi Beach and Turners Beach. Recreational fishing and boating are also popular activities for holiday- makers, as well as caravan and camping. Yamba's success is indicated by a number of development proposals for some of the islands in the river. On Freeburn Island, for example, there are plans for a theme park, to be known as "Gilligan's Nature Island". Many homes and estates of which has access to the river have been built due to popular demand. The development of Yamba can be viewed as both positive and negative. The development of housing facilities too close to the water causing possible sand erosion at the beaches that so many have come to love and enjoy. A success story in this is that canal estates are now illegal in New South Wales. ...read more.

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