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The purpose of this coursework is to see how the development of the London Docklands has affected people and the environment.

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Contents Introduction pg Map and location of the London Docklands pg History of the London Docklands pg Theory pg Data collection pg Data presentation pg Property prices pg Analysis pg Conclusion pg The purpose of this coursework is to see how the development of the London Docklands has affected people and the environment. To achieve this I will answer three main questions: 1) What developments have taken place? This will show us the improvements being made to the area and how it has changed since the 1960's and the present day 2) How have these developments affected the quality of life for people in the area? This will show us all the positive and negative impacts that regeneration can have on the area and more specifically what it has changed in the London Docklands 3) How have these developments affected employment opportunities? This will show us how affective regeneration is in improving levels on employment The first bit of data that I have recorded is what the London docklands used to be like, this will show us some history of the area and will also tell us about what jobs used to exist, what the transport was like and what sort of housing there was. Area comparison has also been made this will show how the developed area compares to the non developed. Surveys were also taken and this shows us if the people work in the docklands and if so what sort of job and if they live in the docklands etc. Map and location of the London Docklands History of the London Docklands During the 1950's London Docklands was the busiest port in the world as it had attracted a wide variety of industry; for example the tobacco trade, the processing of imported food and drink, furniture, leather goods and ship building plus a wide variety of transport and engineering goods. ...read more.


All this may suggest that this area is more for families. This picture shows one side of Glengall Grove. As you can see there area lot of flats and the housing here is not as good as the housing in Clipper Quay, this may suggest that the property prices in this area may be less than the property prices in the other. this picture shows us one of the houses on Glengall Grove, as you can see it is burnt down and nothing has been done about this suggesting that this area may not be taken care of as much as the other. This is another picture of the burnt house on Glengall Grove. This again shows how severe the houses condition is again suggesting that this area may not be as regenerated as the other Property prices Properties in the London Docklands: For Sale - 3 Bedroom End Of Terrace �499,950 We are very pleased to offer this three bedroom end of terrace Dockers Cottage. Property features include a kitchen, dining room and a lounge. Other features include sash windows, gas central heating, first floor four piece bathroom, a rear and front garden with off street parking and a side entrance. Very conveniently located for Mudchute DLR and for getting to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. No chain. �800,000 Leasehold For Sale - 2 Bedroom Apartment We are pleased to offer a selection of two bedroom apartments within this new development due for completion in 2009. Each unit will have a balcony(ies) and all come with a parking space (as advised). We are advised that there will be onsite: 24 hour concierge and leisure facilities. Square footages available are: 895, 1091 and 1660. Ideal location for using South Quay DLR and for commuting into Canary Wharf. Prices are from: �800,000, �910,000, �920,000 to �1,500,000. Please note the pictures are for illustration purposes only. Seven Kings, Ilford, IG3 �675,000 Freehold For Sale - 4 Bedroom House We are pleased to offer for sale this substantial four bedroom house located in one of the most popular areas of Seven Kings. ...read more.


It now has more facilities for the people working and living in the area insuring a more pleasant stay in the London Docklands. The transport links are also a lot better meaning that it is a lot easier for people to get in and out of the London Docklands. How have these developments affected employment opportunities? The developments have affected employment opportunities a lot as you can now see that there are a lot of jobs within the London Docklands, also there is a large variety of jobs in the London Docklands although it is mainly dominated by bank/financial jobs. In my opinion I think that the Development of the London Docklands has not provided opportunities for because it does not actually show benefits for all people for example it has not provided opportunities for people that used to work in the docks as the new businesses did not need the skills that the old workers have so they were left unemployed. Also the rise in house prices meant that the people living in the Docklands at the time could not afford to live in the area as it is now becoming more and more expensive, this forced most of the people to move out of the area. The real winners of the regeneration of the Docklands were the commuters which come into the docklands based on business. Overall I think that I did fairly well as it was fairly easy to collect all the data I needed. Also the data collection method was very easy to talk about because it showed a clear pattern. I think that the results that I have got may not be 100% reliable for the questionnaire because the people that we asked were in a hurry and that may have made them rush to fill it in. it could be improved for the future by maybe when going to the London Docklands you ask people the questionnaire at a different time because when we went they were too busy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Azam Din Mrs Lalli 10 Orange Azam Din Mrs Lalli 10 Orange ...read more.

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