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The Quality of the Urban Environment in Makati Degrades With Distance from the Central Business District

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"The Quality of the Urban Environment in Makati Degrades With Distance from the Central Business District" British School Manila By Steven Limandibrata Table of contents Introduction- Methodology- Data Presentation / Analysis - Conclusion- Evaluation- Introduction "The Quality of the Urban Environment in Makati Degrades With Distance from the Central Business District" We asked this question because it's part of our GCSE course to investigate settlement trends in Developing countries. Our aim is to conclude if the Sao Paulo model (see diagram 1) fits our case study, therefore concluding both LEDC cities have the similar settlement patterns. Diagram 1 Description of the location Our sites are all based within Makati City a district of Metro Manila, Philippines (see map 1). Metro Manila is a very large city ranking in the top 25 biggest cities in the world. Makati city is the main CBD. Historically Intramuros was the CBD owing to its location; when the Spanish was trading with the Philippines, they used the port regularly a place where trade was very abundant. However, after world war two that whole area was destroyed by bombs from the Japanese army, the amount of dead discouraged any further business. Another reason the CBD moved location is the amount of land space. As Intramuros was the central hub for business land prices were high, new businesses were forced to open farther away to a more suitable site. ______500 Miles Site selection: * sites were all accessible * along a transect from the CBD to the slums. The chosen transect was along EDSA a main transport artery going from the CBD into the slum area. * Four sites were equi-distance apart as far as safety would allow (parts of Metro Manila are dangerous to the public). * Glorietta is a mall, which provides many services: cinemas, restaurants, shops, department stores, retail outlets etc. Around Glorietta, there are many office buildings, headquarters of transnational and local companies. ...read more.


One problem with this method, which is random, is for non-artist it was difficult to convey different building characteristics. Housing Density At every site, count the amount of dwellings per hundred meters. Pace hundred meters and count the number of residential housing. This is done to find the contrast of the amount of housing per hundred meters at each site, this is stratified sampling. Furthermore, to see the change for housing at each site. A problem with this method is that over a hundred-meter period there might by two and a half houses no two or three houses will fit exactly. Another problem is the issue of resident buildings; we have to estimate the amount of units per floor. Data Presentation / Analysis Environmental Quality Survey Unsafe for people -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 Safe for people Noisy -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 Quiet Litter -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 No litter Undesirable -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 Desirable Cramped -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 Spacious Site 1: Glorietta Site 2: Urdaneta Site 3: Bel Air Site 4: Guadalupe My Environmental Quality Survey personal opinionated results are shown in a complex form of data presentation. I used this complex form of data presentation because you can easily see the difference and compare between the four sites. I.e. the left hand side is negative and the right is positive. This graph clearly shows that the quality within the villages and Glorietta was very different from the quality of the environment at Guadalupe. The most positive site was Glorietta scoring a perfect positive three. However, I believe that if we visited the site at a different time our results would be different. During the afternoons and at night that area becomes extremely congested with vehicles creating a lot of noise and little space. Therefore, at different time, the scores of site Glorietta would be extremely different; the environment changes according to the period. ...read more.


Our own opinion might vary because of previous accounts of the area. Repeating this investigation we might have a third party assess the site. * Field Sketch: I am happy with my field sketches as they show a good representation of the sites and are fully annotated to remind me of what I observed. * Housing Density: The results achieved were an estimate. For this method, we estimated the distance (100meters) and the amount of housing. Another problem was in the slums it was hard to distinguish housing. If I were to repeat the investigation, I would measure the area accurately using a trundle wheel. Furthermore, I would try to ask to locals for help if it was hard to distinguish housing. * Secondary Evidence: I would like to collect more secondary evidence such as house prices, crime statistics. I looked for these thoroughly however due to Makati being within a LEDC they either hadn't been collected or weren't published. I asked both the local police and the equivalent of estate agents. Validity of Conclusions Reason why some conclusions might be wrong and improvements that could be made to increase the validity: * We collected data at four sites. There are many limitations with few sites. To improve collection of data and to ensure validity of results by visiting a larger number of sites is an option. * With a small research team, opinionated parts of the survey could be biased. Having a larger survey and more members in each group would increase the accuracy of the results. * We collected data at all four sites on the same day. We concluded that the time of day affects the results. To increase accuracy we should have visited each site at the same time on a weekday, to increase validity. * The conclusions I have drawn are from one transect across Makati. It is a very broad assumption to make that Makati fits the model just from one transect. I would like to carry the transect over into other areas of Makati. ...read more.

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