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The Rockfield Road Development

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The Rockfield Road Development Aim The aim of this study is to investigate so far as is practical the environmental and economic impact of the housing development at Rockfield Road on the town of Monmouth. Introduction The new housing development being built at Rockfield Road, Monmouth will add 500 houses and an estimated 1,200 people to the town of Monmouth. This will cause a proportionally large population increase, between 10% and 15%. The car population will also increase, each house is to be provided with two car parking spaces. In 1981 the number of people owning a car was 60% of the adult populace, in 1991 it had risen to 85%. The peak vehicle traffic is estimated to double on the Rockfield Road. Clearly the project will make an impact on the town. The project is a direct result of a 1997 declaration of the Department of the Environment that Britain would need 4 1/2 million more homes by the year 2016. This is due to the rapidly changing patterns of home ownership in the UK. More single and divorced people are buying separate houses. People are also tending to live longer. As a result of this pattern change there is a larger demand for smaller low cost affordable housing. This housing project is part of the planners scheme for more housing. ...read more.


This would result in more houses being built which would undoubtedly be built on the surrounding countryside, as there is nowhere else. Monmouth does do not have much brown field land. More cars would be inevitable. There could also be an expected increase in tourists. Although the town does not offer too many jobs many people decide to settle there anyway, and this is known as counter- urbanisation. Others would be attracted as there are choices of very good schools, exceptional sports facilities, historic monuments, scenic and serene countryside, good health facilities, a shopping centre and also a wide range of entertainment. The new project The first proposal was to build on the outskirts of Osbaston, but this plan was quickly dismissed as it was thought that the access was unsuitable. The councils' next plan was to build East of the Hereford Road, but this idea was rejected as the site would be visible to the public coming from Ross on the duel carriageway and would detract tourists away. The third suggestion was on the suburbs of Wyesham but again this idea was finished with due to their visibility. Their fourth and final suggestion was just of Rockfield Road in Rockfield and this one was accepted. Planning considerations * Improve and provide access for transport and pedestrians, providing better pedestrian facilities encourages people to walk instead of using road transport. ...read more.


Descriptions of the scheme were also needed in order to explain the maps and photographs, these were obtained from The Beacon office where Method 2- Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment To collect the results of this section more photographs were needed to show the environmental visual impact of the site by overlaying them with sketches A environmental survey was also completed to see the differences of what the site was like and how it will be. A traffic count was also another way of getting the results to show the impact on the local road networks. Connection with the local Chamber of Commerce was also made. Method 3 -Survey of local opinion The results of the questionnaires ... Figures .. Graphs ... Conclusions In building the site on these green fields a large amount of wildlife will be lost. I don't think it was a good idea to build the site but instead in brown fields somewhere else in the town. Pollution will undoubtedly increase like light, noise, fumes etc. Traffic will increase especially on the lower end Monmouth and with it will come angry drivers and fumes. In order to get rid of this problem they will have to build extra roads and traffic lights etc. But top do this they will have to use up even more of the countryside of Rockfield. A good thing about the building of the development is that the population will increase and with it so will the trading of Monmouth resulting in higher profits for the traders ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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