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The stakeholders of Cadbury's.

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The stakeholders of Cadbury's Stake holders are people or organisations that have an interest in a business. The government is a stakeholder of Cadbury's because of the money they can earn from this business. The government will take money from Cadburys for taxes. The government will also receive V.A.T on every Cadbury product sold. The government is also interested in the job opportunities Cadburys can create for people. The government gave Cadbury's an incentive to open there new factory in a place where there is high unemployment t. ...read more.


The customers who have their own shops are stakeholders because they buy the products to sell in their shops. This means the shops make more profit, as Cadbury's is the most popular chocolate. The public is also stakeholders because they want to buy the products Cadburys make. The local community is a stakeholder of Cadbury's because they are interested in how the business might effect them. They might be interested in employment or the improvement made to their town because of the Cadbury factory opening. ...read more.


The total population of Bournville is 24,287, of which 11,491 are male and 12,796 are female. There will be lots of potential employees with 7599 people between the ages of 25-44, which is the main employment age. The number of people who don't own a car is quite large compared to the number of people who do own cars. Therefore people will be looking for local work so they don't have to travel far. This would be an advantage to Cadbury's as there will be plenty of people to join the workforce. To conclude his would be a suitable location for Cadbury's as there is lots of potential employees for Cadbury's to hire. Claire Summers ...read more.

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