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This lab was done to predict what Sleeping Giant will be like after the existing canopy trees died and new trees took there place.

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Introduction This lab was done to predict what Sleeping Giant will be like after the existing canopy trees died and new trees took there place. Succession in this case means when a canopy tree dies which tree will take its place. Trees have a lot to do with global warming because if all the trees were gone there will be an excess amount carbon dioxide in the air which would contribute greatly to global warming. The forest effects global warming because trees give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide so if there are not ant trees there is an increase in the carbon dioxide level which increases global warming. Shade tolerance is a factor that affects how these trees will grow. All of the trees that are in Sleeping Giant are either shade tolerant (forest shade) or midtolerant (partial sunlight) so they are most likely to stay and wait for a current canopy tree to die so it can take its place. Midtolerant trees are "investigators", they are moderate growers, have some reserves, have a medium life span, and have a moderate mortality rate. Shade tolerant trees have an extremely slow growth rate, large reserves, a long life span, and low mortality rates. ...read more.


Table 4A shows what the forest will look like when the initial canopy trees die and their successors take their place. Table 4B shows what the forest will look like when the trees from Table 4A die. Table 4C shows what the forest will look like when the trees form Table 4B die. Table 5 shows the forest canopy succession. It shows what the forest will be compromised of when each different round canopy trees die. Figure 1 shows that there is no relationship between the DBH of a canopy tree and the DBH of the most likely successor for that tree. According to Table 5 after the initial canopy trees died the forest will be mainly red maple then sweet birch, beech, and sugar maple. The hybrid oak trees are all gone except for one and yellow birch stayed fairly constant while eastern hemlock nearly doubled. After round one the dominating species of tree is still red maple, beech stayed constant but sugar maple, sweet birch and eastern hemlock decreased, yellow birch had an increase and the hybrid oaks are nearly extinct. After round two red maple still dominates and beech, yellow birch, sweet birch, eastern hemlock and sugar maple remain fairly constant while the hybrid oaks are still close to extinction. ...read more.


Some of them are that we (the students) did not go to the right place because there was a ditch or because all the trees in that area were dead. When we looked in the manual for which directions to go to if the tree that was there was dead we just went to the closet one we saw. If we identified al the trees in certain area and were still not done we just moved to another area and continued from there. If the successor tree was too far away from the canopy tree we measured as far as we could and then estimated the rest of the distance. These are just few errors. The forest that was predicted after four rounds of succession is different from the initial forest because the initial forest is mainly made of hybrid oak trees and our predicted forest is mainly made of red maple with hybrid almost extinct. Because the forest is predicted to change there are other forests like the one predicted in this region. The forest we initially started is not a climax community but after the resulting forest will be. The initial forest is not a climax community because fires occur and prevent it. Also global warming in Connecticut can affect the succession of in the forest. It can do this because of the increase in temperature and carbon dioxide. ...read more.

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