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This report is on a possible location of a new clothing outlet. It is based on four main topics: purpose & scope, industry overview, market background, recommendations & conclusion.

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Business Report on Location This report is on a possible location of a new clothing outlet. It is based on four main topics: purpose & scope, industry overview, market background, recommendations & conclusion. Purpose & scope As a management Consultant, my main objective is to find a best location, which fits the outlet's needs and gives the outlet a maximum benefit. All the decisions that I have made are based on primary and secondary researches: Primary research My aim is to find out the business situations in the high streets in Edinburgh and Antwerp. I went to Princess Street and went abroad to the Meir Street in Antwerp to find out all the shops' names. Then all the shops are grouped into different categories according to what they are selling. In the clothes category, I will analysis each shop, for example, theirs brands, their type of customers, number of outlet, market share and their business situations. This encourages me to understand my potential competitors. I also carried out a survey about the Euro in Antwerp. This helps me to know people's view on the currency and the effect of Euro. From the primary research, I am able to collect updated, unique and suitable information. However, it is a expensive method to collect data. All the result is printed in the following pages. Secondary research I have used the Internet to find out the economic issues in Europe and the issues on the currency. ...read more.


The analyses of the competitors are printed on next pages. These shops have certain positions in the market and they have stable customers. Hopefully these shops will bring reasonable number of customers to the new clothing outlet. As it is a completely new shop, it has the benefit to attract the customers. There are lots of apartments near Princess Street, most of the rents are very expensive. This shows that there are some wealthy people living around. Their socio-economic groups are in group A and B which are professions, managers, doctors, lawyers and teachers. They are more likely to consumer money on shopping. They can be the potential clients. Apart from the clothes shops, there are a variety of shops that are listed on the next pages. Antwerp If I choose Antwerp to locate the clothing outlet, I will choose Meir Street because it is the main shopping street with different ranges of shops. The total numbers of shops are more than the shops on Princess Street. It has two sides of shops, which provide customers enough space to shop. I note that some of the shops in Meir Street are the outlets of some international companies, for instance, C&A, Diesel, Espirit, Hugo Boss, Mango, Morgan and Replay. This means the fashion is came from different countries. They can be very strong competitors, however, they can also bring customers to my new clothing shop. The services within easy walking distance include banks, car park, telephone box, toilets, Museums and taxis. ...read more.


English is an essential language in the business world. From my experience, although the Belgian can speak English, they can't speak as fluent as the British do. Euro is a big factor which affects me to make the decision. My research shows that the goods are more expensive after Belgium currency is changed to Euro. This discourages customers from consuming. As pound is strong now, Britain can gain lots of benefits at present. As Euro is not introduced for a long time, it takes time to be strong and to be recognizable by the world. It is true that there are more tourists in Edinburgh than in Antwerp. The city's economy continued to thrive with tourism proving a key contributor. If the outlet is located in Princess Street, a lot of keys marketing decisions have to be made because there are too many strong competitors. Large sum of money has to be spent on advertising to acknowledge people the existence of the shop. The fashions that the shop provides have to be very trendy which helps the products to stand out from the competitors. Competitive pricing can be used because it will be risky if we do premium pricing. People will not buy the products. Penetration pricing can not be used because lower prices always give people a perception of low quality. The shop is aiming at the middle class- young profession. Special offers have to be made but it can't be used frequently. It is helped to boost short-term profit. If the outlet can be operated profitably, it can consider opening a second outlet in Antwerp, which is the second best location. ...read more.

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