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To Asses the Arising Problems Caused By the Location of the Wycombe Wanders Football Ground In Adams Park.

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The aim of my coursework is to asses the arising problems caused by the location of the Wycombe Wanders Football ground in Adams Park. Since I live right close to the ground, I have first hand experience of what it is like on a match day. My prediction is fairly straightforward, the neighbourhood and the surrounding businesses will be affected intensively on a match day. Visual pollution, the cars and people going past to and fro the ground will affect the neighbourhood and the surrounding businesses. People will throw away their rubbish which will affect the environment i.e. animals, insects will suffocate in plastic bags, already caused by the industrial estate, and match days are a distraction for the local neighbouring businesses as the workers and co-workers alike will possibly want to see the match's so the businesses will be close during the match day, and money will be made by other means. ...read more.


Wycombe has a population of 90,000 residents. It has its own theatre called The Swan Theatre. It also has its own Sport Centre, its own Cinema called The UCI 6. There is a large recreational ground with its own tennis courts and open air swimming pool, this is called the Rye Park. It also has the longest ski slope in the whole of UK. Wycombe has its very own two shopping centre called 'The Chilterns' and 'The Octagon '. It also has its own unique university, which was built for over sea students. There is a Chair Museum, Law Courts and a Library. The West Wycombe Caves and The Golden Ball Temple are just a number of attractions. Transport wise there is a train station, direct link to the M40 motorway via junction 4 at Handy Cross and an airfield called the Booker Airfield. ...read more.


My coursework focuses on the problems arising due to the location of the football ground. The question is asking whether the location of the football ground have an affect on the local residents and businesses. My aim is to prove it with evidence. The area I will be studying is the Sands area, this is because I live there and also because it the nearest area to the ground. In the sands area there is a large community of people living there primarily because it is a quiet and safe area. I will be conducting a survey and a traffic count on a match day. I will also ask the local businesses and some residents nearer to the ground a questionnaire. Just before you enter the Adams Park ground you go through an industrial estate on Hillbottom Road there are many factories on this road. ...read more.

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