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To compare the main shopping districts of Chalfont St Giles and Rickmansworth.

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Aim To compare the main shopping districts of Chalfont St Giles and Rickmansworth. Introduction I chose to study the village of Chalfont St Giles and the nearby town of Rickmansworth, because I live in Chalfont St Giles, and Rickmansworth is very near to me and I could get to and from there whenever necessary. Also I thought that these two locations would give me a wide variety when it came to studying my results. Chalfont St Giles is a small village in Buckinghamshire, near the conurbation of London in the South - East England. It is easily accessibility with Chalfont and Latimer train station a five-minute drive away, in Little Chalfont and buses going to and from some of the nearby shopping centres. Rickmansworth, only 15 miles away from Chalfont St Giles is in Hertfordshire. It is more accessible than Chalfont St Giles with regular bus routes and its own train station near to the centre. To compare the two places there were some factors, which I thought would be useful to investigate, these are shown below. I decided these would be helpful because I wanted to study people's opinions as well as my opinion. Also the amount of people visiting the area by foot or passing through by car. ...read more.


This is also counted and recorded into a tally chart shown in Figure D2. What Are the Spheres of Influence of Chalfont St Giles and Rickmansworth? The sphere of influence is the area around a settlement within which people use that settlement for their services. This depends on the size and functions of a town, the transport facilities available and how much competition there is from nearby settlements. Two things contribute to this, a threshold population, the minimum number of people needed so a certain service can survive, and also the range, which is the maximum distance people are prepared to get a service. In my investigation I shall find out the sphere of influence by asking people to answer a question about where they have come from, this should show me how far the people have travelled and combined with the land use, I can work out the range. I can compare how popular the two towns are and how big their spheres of influences are, thus finding out which has the shops which people are willing to travel further for. The questionnaire is shown in Figure B, the sphere of influence question is number 8. Method During the summer holidays, I spent two days in the town of Rickmansworth, then, for the following two days; I studied Chalfont St Giles. ...read more.


I decided that I needed twelve survey points, so I split this across my two locations. I think twelve was a good amount but not too much so that I would have too many results which would not make any difference to having a sensible amount and still getting an overall similar result. The time, day and week in which I conducted my survey were also random. I chose them when it was possible for me to carry out each part. I think this may slightly have affected my results because some things may have been conducted at lunch times, which could have affected the pedestrian counts, or in the mornings and late afternoons there are also less people around, and they may be shopping for different things to afternoon shoppers and be of a different age group. My points in Chalfont St Giles were also spread out so that the whole village was covered. All the above investigations were then repeated at each site in Chalfont St Giles. My points in Chalfont St Giles were: Point U: next to Alldays Point V: next to the pub Merlin's Cave Point W: outside the dry cleaners Point X: outside The Feathers, a pub Point Y: outside the butchers. Point Z: next to the chemist Vehicle Entering The CBD Leaving The CBD Cars Bus/Coach Bicycle Lorry/Van People Entering The CBD People Leaving The CBD ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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