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To define the boundaries and location of the CBD in Altrincham

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Introduction When I went to Altrincham I was prepared for what I was going to do. I had also researched about Altrincham's history. This helped when it came to defining the CBD as I already had a fair idea of where the centre was. What I found was from a web site. This research was found at - http://www.luso.u-net.com/altrinch.htm. "The oldest part of the town is that around the Old Market Place and Church Street. The town became part of Trafford Metropolitan Borough in 1974 having, till then, been part of the County of Cheshire. Today, most of the town's heavy industry has disappeared and much of Broadheath is now a Retail Park, housing Homebase, B+Q and other national stores. The railway link has also declined, with Altrincham now served only by an hourly service to Chester and Manchester (via Stockport). The town centre was redeveloped in the 1970's and lies along the pedestrianised George Street and the Parallel Stamford New Road, which lead southward to The Downs, Hale and Bowdon. The Town's old market hall survives, as does the covered market itself, which is sited between Market Street and Greenwood Street. Aim: My aim is to define the boundaries and location of the CBD in Altrincham. This was done by using my hypotheses and taking them to be true. My definition of a CBD (Central Business District) is brought about by the main characteristics of a general CBD. These characteristics are: 1. The CBD contains the major retailing outlets. The principal Department Stores and specialist shops with the highest turnover and requiring largest threshold populations compete for the prime sites. 2. It contains a high proportion of the city's main offices. 3. It contains the tallest buildings in the city, mainly due to the high rents, which result for the competition for land. 4. It has the greatest number and concentration of pedestrians. ...read more.


2. The Rateable Values will Increase Towards the CBD This also turned out to be true and can be observed in my Isopleth map of the rateable values as well as my Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient. 3. The Order of Services will Decrease Outwards from the Centre This was not hugely noticeable, as, along George Street (my supposed CBD) there was a large amount of high order services such as big department stores. However just a quarter of a mile away the service were more-or-less unnoticeable. 4. The Tallest Buildings will be in the Centre This was also not very noticeable; the buildings were not of any perceptible height although some office blocks were of 6 or 7 storeys high. These were around my supposed CBD and if this city had been bigger I'm sure there would have been a much more visible variation of height and location. 5. The Convergence of Infrastructure will grow towards the CBD This is definitely the most obvious of the five just by looking at Altrincham and the surrounding area we can tell there is a clear convergence of infrastructure. There is a train station Just below Stamford New Road, which is just a 5-minute walk from George Street. Also all the roads merge into George Street. Not all of these streets are accessible but they all 'converge' into the CBD. These explanations and hypotheses fit my results very well. They prove what I earlier thought and also give me enough evidence to later go on and develop these ideas into another city or bigger city. This could help me further my work on this particular subject and help me develop my ideas. There are, however, limitations to this fieldwork, there are only a certain amount of things we can do in a small city like Altrincham. If we wanted to carry on this kind of work we would have to develop our ideas into more complex forms e.g. ...read more.


Department Stores As I can see in my inter-quartile map of the department stores, the IQ area is quite thin and long. This gives the impression that it has a linear clustering pattern. Department stores do not, technically, need to worry about direct or indirect competition with rivals and therefore can be quite close. This is because each department store is so big it would not matter how close, or far apart they are, they would always be in competition. However this competition does have an effect on the placing of these stores. The Department Stores are not very frequent with a total number of 9 but this gives us enough of an estimate to use on a different town or city. Shoe Shops My map of Shoe Shops conveys to me that, as there are only 4 points, my results are not particularly reliable. However I can make an educated guess at what is supposed to happen. There is a pattern of linear clustering along George Street (the general CBD). When I have shopped for shoes, in most towns or cities the shoes shops are close because of buyers and their need to compare each type of shoe and their process before buying them. Final Conclusion After calculating all the functions and factors contributing to the pedestrian counts in Altrincham, I can finally conclude that these0 are directly related to the rateable values and the locations of each function in Altrincham. For example the areas of high pedestrian counts are also the areas of high order services and higher rateable values. These facts complement each other and each is linked with the other. For instance, the rateable values are high in those areas because they also have high pedestrian counts and high order services. This means you have to pay more for property, as you get closer to these factors. Shops would be able to attract more custom in areas with high pedestrian counts and this is reflected in the business rates they pay for prime location. Andy Robertson Page 19/12.01 ...read more.

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