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To Delimit the Central Business District of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Geography Fieldwork. To Delimit the Central Business District of Newcastle upon Tyne. Introduction. Newcastle is located in the north East of England (as shown in map 1). Newcastle upon Tyne is located in between Sunderland and Northumberland and is situated along the River Tyne. Newcastle is a major commercial and retail city but it has not always been. In the medieval period and late 18th century Newcastle had a totally different function as a city. Today where the current Quayside stands used for Leisure and Entertainment purposes was previously used as a port for Import, Export and Travel purposes. From on the banks beside the Quayside, mainly St Nicholas Street and Dean Street was previously used fore Defense as Gallagate city walls and the Castle or situated at the top of these. Now this area is also used for Leisure and Entertainment. Markets were also used such as the Groat, Bigg, Cloth, Green and Grainger markets and today these are still used as Retail (Markets) ands also Entertainment (such as the pubs and nightclubs situated along the Bigg Market). For use to be able to delimit the CBD we must first be able to see some characteristics of a Central Business District or CBD's. ...read more.


As we only had roughly three hours to complete the method of collection in we needed the quickest way to do this. We also had to take into account some of the physical boundaries of Newcastle to decide on where to collect out data. We could not make our data collection any further North than the Town moor as this is a section of greenbelt land stops us collection any data from here. We could only go as far East as the A167M Central Motorway as this prevents us from taking any collections from there. We could not go any further South because of the River Tyne, which prevents us getting any data further. We could not go any further West than St James Boulevard, which prevents us getting any data further. Results. As we were in groups we only had a map of the streets our group was doing. When we got back to class we had to put all our results together on one single map. We did this still using Goad maps. For our land values map we colored in the individual building using a color key as follows. ...read more.


To improve this we could have wrote it down exactly to aviod confucion. Also when we did our pedestrian counts it was hard to keep an accurate count on a busy street and confusion occured because people were walking past you in different directions. With our building height counts you cannot always tell how many floors the acctuall building had as we were just counting the windows on the building and some floors ay not have had windows where we were counting. The way were presented the data was also a problem. For example on out pedesrian counts it was hard to tell the nubers on the map because we had wroye them quite small and there was no colour on the map to immidiatly see where the higher or lower numbers were. Other methods we could have used to extend and collect our data could be land values for the CBD but we could not do this as the land values are hard to obtain. We also could have used traffic counts but as we did not have ver much time we exclued this as this would have been time consuming and hard. ...read more.

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