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To Determine the Importance of tourism on the settlement of Haworth.

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Introduction Aim: To Determine the Importance of tourism on the settlement of Haworth. Haworth is a small village not far from Bradford in West Yorkshire. Situated above the Worth Valley amid the bleak Pennine moors, Haworth is internationally famous for its connection with the Bronte sisters. Haworth is one of the main attractions in Yorkshire and has been for some time. In the past 20 years it has attracted about one million visitors from Japan, the USA, Canada and Europe. Many come to visit the world-famous Bronte Parsonage museum, home of the remarkable Bronte sisters. Others are attracted by the steam railway, the Keighley & Worth valley line, which runs for five miles from Keighley to Oxenhope and is one of the longest established railways in the country. Thousands come to walk the Pennines at the same time soaking up the atmosphere that inspired Emily Bronte to write her world famous book; Wuthering Heights. ...read more.


This is because not many people will travel further than 200 miles just to visit Haworth. It would be expensive, time consuming and not worth it in my own opinion. I could however be incorrect As many of the Bronte Sisters Books have been published in countries such as America and Japan, serious fans of the Brontes may visit Haworth. * The majority of tourists visiting Haworth will visit for a day trip only. This is as many people do not have enough time to take a trip for longer than one day. Staying overnight means that money must be paid for accommodation. Another reason is that There is not so much to see in Haworth itself. * The busiest time of year for tourists will be in the Winter.(Christmas) Firstly in the Christmas Holidays children will have finished school and many adults work and so tourists are more likely to come when they have time to do so. ...read more.


This is because the majority of people who visit Haworth, I would say are tourists. Logically if there are more tourists then locals visiting Haworth then in theory more goods should be bought from the shop by tourists. * Those residents Working and Living in Haworth are happy with the fact that tourists visit Haworth. Obviously residents working and living in village will be happy as it is likely that tourists provide much of their business and pay a large proportion of their salary. * Those residents Living in Haworth but who are either unemployed or retired will not be happy at the fact that tourists visit Haworth. Firstly the unemployed are likely to be unaffected by the tourists as they do not work and so are likely to complain about factors such as pollution from rubbish and traffic. The retired residents who are also not affected by the tourists in the sense of work are likely to be against the tourists visiting Haworth. It is possible they will complain about the noise pollution and that tourists are spoiling the town. Oliver Markham 5PMD Bradford grammar School 37137 1 ...read more.

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