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To find out if Malham is a 'Honeypot' site.

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Aim To find out if Malham is a 'Honeypot' site. Method During my field trip I did the tax disc survey, and we took pictures of attractive scenery and I did a questionnaire. I brought back some leaflets and pamphlets about Malham and how the N.P.A. are improving the facilities for tourists, from the tourist information centre. With these sources of information, I am going to prove my hypothesis. The results description To help me prove that Malham is a Honeypot site I will use the Tax disc survey results to produce a map showing Malham's sphere of influence. This I have done by plotting the visitor's origins on a blank A4 map of the British Isles. I have used the destination on the tax discs to help me with this task. Once I had plotted these places. I used a scale of 1.5cm = 70miles, to draw rings around Malham at 1.5cm intervals to show the extent to which people travel to Malham. To further help me prove my hypothesis. ...read more.


To visitors walking being the greatest activity carried out along with sightseeing. Compared with the 1994 all parks visitor survey, which show that 54% and 65% of visitors visited the Yorkshire dales national parks to walk for 1-4 hours and sightseeing respectively. This proves that Malham attracts visitors regularly and they come to visit the attractive scenery and landscape. (See pictures below). Janet's Foss Analysing of results Janet's Foss is an attractive waterfall. According to legend Janet (or Jannet) was a queen of the fairies who lived in a cave behind the waterfall. Foss is an old word for waterfall. The pool below the waterfall was used for sheep washing. (There was a notice of information for tourist near there). Janet's Foss is surrounded by woodland that was probably been there since the last ice age. It provides a rich habitat for wildlife and an excellent atmosphere for mosses and ferns. The National Trust bought Janet's Foss in 1982 Limestone pavement Analysing of results This is situated at the top of Malham cove. ...read more.


Making it accessible only to walkers and car owners, including other vehicles. This may be so that they do not congest Malham itself. This may suggest that it is a "Honeypot" site. Finally when looking at the graph showing how long people visited Malham the results show conclusively that 84% of the visitors as had went to Malham for a day visit, because it was out of season when we went, many people were not there on holiday but only for a day participating in walking and sightseeing. Hence why there where only 2 caravans on the day campsite near Gordale Scar. This proves that Malham has an obvious pulling power even out of season. Conclusion In conclusion I can say that Malham is a "Honeypot" site. The evidence to prove the includes my sphere of influence map that clearly shows that visitors to Malham come from all over the British Isles including abroad Also graphs and photographs conclusively that Malham attracts many day visitors who come normally by car who visit to walk and sightseeing around the beautiful scenery of Malham. I believe that the results and my methods of transforming them help me prove the hypothesis easily. Hypothesis 1 Imad Uddin G.C.S.E coursework ...read more.

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