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To investigate the environmental quality of Skipton and compare it to the EQ of Bradford.

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30/06/01 Environmental Survey (EQ) Vaqas Aslam AIM To investigate the environmental quality of Skipton and compare it to the EQ of Bradford. HYPOTHESES 1) Bradford will have a lower EQ than Skipton. 2) EQ will increase the further you move away from the CBD. METHOD We all gathered at the Town Hall at Skipton. Each of the five groups were designated their own road to walk down and perform their EQ survey. We took our first EQ survey at the Town Hall and then walked 200 paces towards our road and then did our second EQ survey, we then walked another 200 paces and then acted another EQ survey. We preformed the survey 8 times at a total of 1400 paces. ...read more.


5th Bus Stop 3 3 4 4 4 18 6th Bus Stop 4 3 4 3 4 18 7th Bus Stop 4 3 3 3 4 17 8th Bus Stop 4 4 4 3 4 19 9th Bus Stop 5 4 4 5 4 22 Graph 3 - EQ of Bradford INTERPRETATION Hypotheses 1 - Skipton will have a higher EQ than Bradford. I believe that this hypotheses is correct as Bradford is a big industrial city whereas Skipton is a more or less a rural 'village.' This means that in Bradford there is a bigger population and the bigger the bigger the population the more domestic pollution there is. Bradford is a vast industrial city meaning that there is more industrial waste. ...read more.


The second hypotheses was also proved correct as the further out of the CBD you go the EQ rises. For example in the CBD in Skipton the EQ for "Buildings" was 3 and in the outer city it was 5. CRITIQUE If I were to do this investigation again one of the things that I would change is the distance outside of Skipton I walked, In future I would perhaps walk another 600 paces so I walked a total of 2000 paces. I would also repeat this procedure throughout the week (every single day) to see how the results vary as, say for example on market day there are more people in Skipton that may leave litter and during the week someone from the council could have it arranged for the litter to be picked up. I believe that this will bring me more accurate results. ...read more.

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