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To What Extent Does the Seaside Resort of Bridlington Cater For the Needs of the Elderly People Who Have Retired To the Peaceful Seaside Resort, Also Do the Facilities Cater For Tourism That Can Be Expected?

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Bridlington GCSE Coursework TO WHAT EXTENT DOES THE SEASIDE RESORT OF BRIDLINGTON CATER FOR THE NEEDS OF THE ELDERLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE RETIRED TO THE PEACEFUL SEASIDE RESORT, ALSO DO THE FACILITIES CATER FOR TOURISM THAT CAN BE EXPECTED? Introduction Site and situation, Bridlington is situated on the East coast. It is in the north of Britain. There are many neighbouring resorts offering the same features. This will mean that the resorts are always in competition. Seaside resorts have to have a wide thresh hold otherwise; most of the businesses, which are tourist orientated, will shut down. Bridlington is one of the better-situated resorts. It is in near the centre of England so it will never be too far from tourists. The main areas from which the tourists will come from are Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Humberside. Many will come from further. Bridlington is in direct competition with Scarborough and Whitby. Both are big tourist resorts. History The town of Bridlington dates back to the 11th century when it was mentioned in the 'Doomsday' Book, except then it was known as 'Bredlington'. During the last 1000 years Bridlington has been visited by several monarchs, starting with Edward II in 1319. But it is within the last century that Bridlington has become recognised as a beautiful seaside resort. ...read more.


The concluding task was to look at three sites in Bridlington and collect information about the sites which would then help us to decide which site would most appropriate for development into Sheltered Housing, consisting of 24 flats to be rented out to elderly people. The sort of factors we had to keep in mind were the size of area needed, cost of the particular location, local facilities, shops, medical, buses, noise levels, hills/slopes. Site C It is a derelict site and would take extensive building before it could be converted into housing. It would need much more work than any of the other sites. It is very close to the train station and may be too noisy for the elderly. The will be a high noise pollution. In addition, there may be young people loitering and older people might find that intimidating. There is a Bus stop less than 5 minutes walk away. However, busy main roads surround it and there is no pedestrian crossing, which would make it difficult to cross, especially for the elderly. There are also no shops within short walking distance except a Tesco. A steep bridge nearby, but the rest of the area is relatively flat. Site B The area around this site looked relatively inexpensive. While observing the site, we saw young teens hanging around. ...read more.


This project would be useful to elderly people thinking about moving to Bridlington as they would want to know whether Bridlington is going to be a good place to live for someone their age; companies wanting to open a branch of their business in Bridlington as this will show them if their company will be targeting the age group that live in Bridlington. if I was to continue this project the other research I would do would be a longer more detailed Questionnaire survey to get the most accurate results I could, I would actually go to several different types of businesses and ask them how they think their business suits the large number of elderly people in Bridlington and compare this to what actual customers think. In the future I think Bridlington will continue to focus on providing facilities on elderly people but I think sometimes in the future Bridlington will not be able to survive just mainly on elderly peoples' custom and so will start designing more facilities making it attractive to younger people who will have more money. But I think Bridlington will continue to have tourism as its main income for a long time yet until the town is finding this very difficult and not making much profit from it. Then I think the town will have to look at other industries it can build up on. ?? ?? ?? ?? Leo Thornton Geography coursework 00/01/02 ...read more.

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