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To what extent has the new marks and Spencer(TM)s store affected the market town of Stamford? What changes have occurred?

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To what extent has the new marks and Spencer's store affected the market town of Stamford? What changes have occurred? Changes in Stamford's CBD retail environment Stamford has changed since the opening of Marks and Spencer which came to the high street in October 2006. There have been more chain stores that have opened such as the mobile phone shops at that end of the street where marks and Spencer is. Also the amount of pedestrians around that side of the street has increased. I have observed that small individual shops have closed down and larger well know businesses have taken their place. I think that the marks and Spencer has a huge impact on this and it has had a huge roll in changes and development of the high street. ...read more.


These are usually shops that everyone has heard of. People like these shops because they are well priced, you can access most things easily and there is a lot of help and quite a lot of space. Whereas individual shops are small and not as easy to access with not as much help to where you want to get to. But home town shops are unique and there are only one or two of that name around the county. Effects of clone towns The effects of clone towns are that people's jobs will get taken up by larger stores that people tend to be attracted to. They may have a bit of competition and then get forced to close due to not many customers and a very low profit. ...read more.


These huge stores sometimes have other mini shops inside them and a huge roof over them. This protects the buyers from weather whereas you don't get that when shopping in individual shops. Changes of the UK retail environment in the future Back some time ago there weren't many cars as there is today! Cars were harder to get and took a while to get used to. A lot more people used to use public transport and so they travelled to local towns mainly. Now people can just get in their car and drive wherever. In the future I think that places will be mainly internet run and that nearly everyone will order off the internet. There seems to be no limit on the size of the internet. People will stop going to shops and even supermarkets as they can order from big stores offline. ...read more.

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