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To what extent is traffic congestion happening in Hexham town centre and what should be done to reduce the problem?

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To what extent is traffic congestion happening in Hexham town centre and what should be done to reduce the problem? INTRODUCTION For my course work i will look to explore the extent of the problem of congestion in Hexham. Also i will look to investigate what should be done to help reduce this problem. The things in which i will be looking into to examine the problems of congestion will be things such as counting the amount of cars in carparks and counting the amount of traffic on the roads for 10 minutes. i will also do a questionare and mapping traffic hazards. here are four possible solutions which i feel will help reduce the amount of traffic congestion in hexham : pedestrianise the market place, introduce a one way system through the town centre, create new parking areas nearer the town centre and introduce a park and ride scheme at the tyne green which will allow people to park there cars at the tyne green and then a bus will transport them to the town centre. Finally i propose that we leave things as they are. It is important to reduce congestion so that we can reduce the amount of pollution which will create an enviromental hazard which will lead to health problems. Also it will reduce the amount of traffic related road accidents and it will make the roads safer. ...read more.


Also the time being 9:30am is when there would be a rush to get to work. Finally the alemouth road is one of the main entences and it leads traffic to the town centre, large car parks, housing estates and industrial estates. As a result of all this traffic I have come to the conclusion that there is a great problem of traffic congestion. The second busiest road in hexham is the battle hill road. This road produced 191 veichels in 10 minutes as it is the main road leading into the town centre and it goes towards haydon bridge and cralisle. This road also leads to the hospital and the co-op and safeways and being 9:30 there would be a build up of traffic congestion and it takes a long atime to clear..i have witnessed the congestion here as I get the school bus through this road in the mornings and the congestion is bad. The quietest road in hexham is along fore street. After 10 minutes of counting it was found that there was only 3 lorrys and nothing else and these lorrys would of only been talking stocks to shops. This road is pedestrianised and so I wouldn't expect there to be any traffic along this road. And so I come to this conclusion that there is no traffic congestion along this road as there is no traffic to congest. ...read more.


Even on a busy Friday the car parks are still empty. These car parks were built so that cars having to park illegally have somewhere to park in the large overflows on the outskirts of hexham. They are having to park here due to an increasement of cars because of people getting well paid jobs and cars being more available and more efficient and so everyone owns one also the population of people and cars is growing also there is more services to attract more people and tourism is another thing which attracts people to the town. Also there are a lot more people who can commute to work and live in the country and so they have to occupy parking spaces in the town centre. These overflow car parks are to reduce the amounts of congestion in parking and to stop people having to park on double yellow lines. These results may be typical for hexham as Friday at 9:30 is a busy part of the day but we don't know what it is like at anyother time of year of day. During the summer that might be an increasment of tourists and so the figures might be different also on a sat there might be more people having to park and on a Sunday there might be less people and so these results are not entirely typical for hexham but they do show that nogestion in parking can effect the congestion in traffic. ...read more.

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