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To what extent Rothbury fits a model of tourist honeypot

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Contents 1. Introduction 2. Methodology 3. Land use Survey 4. Environmental quality survey 5. Litter survey 6. Car park survey 7. Traffic and Pedestrian count 8. Noise survey 9. Footpath erosion survey 10. Questionnaire data 11. Conclusion 12. Evaluation 13. Bibliography Introduction Since the motorways came into existence, there has been a gradual increase of tourism in the U.K and more intensively use of National Parks. The main Aim of my project is to study, examine and investigate that "To what extent Rothbury fits the model of a tourist honey pot?" I will also assess the impact of tourists on the village of Rothbury and its various advantages and disadvantages. In to answer this question I need to work on and investigate other tourist honey pots order as well. To make it more convenient I would split the main question into three key questions: * Where Rothbury and what is are the main features of the location? * Why do people visit the village and what are its main attractions? * What impacts do the visitors have on the village? A tourist honey pot is a small place of beautiful scenery, which is visited by large number of people. It has different attractions for example: purpose built, Historic (like colosseum in Italy) or natural. These tourist honey pots are becoming much more popular because of easy access to that place, usually people get sick off their daily routine so they want to have some leisure activities and spend some time with their family. They usually plan to have a day out and with such facilities like hotels, restaurants, public toilets, transportation, entertainment like adventure sports, youth hostels, shops (gifts, specialised items) tourist information centre, cafes, parking lots, camp sites/caravan sites. There are many negative and positive impacts of tourist in a honey pot. This can lead to overcrowding at times, which causes a lot of traffic problems. ...read more.


Environmental Quality Survey We had different options to look at the various aspects of appearanceof an area. We had to give a mark out of five to justify the rank of an area. We looked at the overall apperance of an area how peaceful or refreshing was it. It is relevant to the question because if Rothbury has attractive looks and has some beautiful natural sceneries then there would be a lot of visitor visiting a place.Mainly a tourist honeypot has some natural beauty and beautiful things to see. Every person has his own point of view therefore sometimes there could be a diffrence in opion. There could be a conflict in giving a mark to an area with between two stusents. Photographs As we were collecting the data side by side we were also taking photographs of the Rothbury from different places. It is relevant to the question as photograph will give a really good evidence about whether Rothbury is a tourist honeypot or not. The only limitation I thought while taking photographs was that the crowd would differ on a weekday rather than a weekend. Car Park Survey Pedestrian Count Environmental Quality Assessment Traffic Survey Photographs Litter survey The Place where I filled my questionnaire Data Presentation All the data which I collected would be shown in detail in this data presentation section. I would show these results and methods using graphs, maps and pictures. Throughout the day, all our groups collected information on what sort of buildings were there in Rothbury. The following map and some pie charts would demonstrate it. Environment environmental Environmental Quality Survey Our group did an environmental quality survey to construe the surrounding of Rothbury. We used different proportional sized circles to demonstrate it. I found my total score by adding the individual scores of the places. After piecing together the map and other factors, I have concluded that the further away we go from the Shops and heavily populated areas, the quieter and more pleasant the surroundings become. ...read more.


Moreover, street cleaning by council just before the data collected could influence the final results. Another factor which can contribute is that we collected the data on a weekday when the tourist flow is less. The litter survey can be improved if more people were involved to carryout the survey in all different areas at the same time as quickly as possible. The traffic and pedestrian survey gives an account of usage of roads in and around Rothbury. This data was more planned as it was spread over an hour to count number of cars and pedestrians thereby avoiding more inaccuracies. The main road was used to collect data. The road has the access to adjoining places like Cragside and Thropton. So there is possibility that number of cars could be passing through Rothbury and not just visiting. The weather is also responsible for the vary in the number of tourists as the tourist would be more on a bright sunny day rather than a rainy or windy day. Last but not the least to ere is human. Although, investigation was precisely planned but there is possibility that some people could not get to their positions on time. To make it more conclusive more surveys are required over a longer period of time. Effects of tourism can be seen in other forums like footpath erosion. The outskirts of Rothbury show footpath erosion alongside riverbanks which is popular among tourists. It is not possible to draw conclusion about who caused the footpath erosion. it could result from weathering or resident walking alongside their dogs. As the survey was conducted in autumn it could affect the vegetation. It is quite different to draw a sound conclusion from the date collected. To summarise, the above findings show a range of results which reflects the status of Rothbury being a developing tourist honeypot. It is virtually impossible to draw a sound inference without detail investigation many inaccuracies with data collection exist. To remove this study more authentic, greater detail over extended period of time is required to get the optimum results. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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