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Touring Brasil

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Touring Brasil Day 1 Flight to Brazil Rio de Janeiro at 4 pm . The weather was very nice and hot as I expected. I waited 2 hours without prior notice my flight to Brasilia had been called . The flight took about one hour and a half . I arrived at Brasilia at about 8 pm , the weather still very nice but it was rainy . Not a big deal ! because in Brazil specially in this time of the year the rain is going to take part of the trip I know that Brasilia is well known because of it's good climate the temperature is very pleasant all over the year ( never too hot and never too cold ) and sunny days and beautiful sunsets are very common . Brasilia has very positive points to write about it .The city is not threatened by any kind of natural disasters. No air pollution , many large green areas . good climate. Some of the negative points are: housing prices are very high public transportation is very inefficient (that's the reason why I booked a tour in my agency in Spain) So I arrived at my nice hotel ,it was in the city centre. But it was already dark so I waited until the next day to start with my tour. started to prepare my general information about Brasilia Day 2 Today is my second day in Brazil . I'm already in the capital city from the bigger country in South America and one of the biggest of the world. I woke up very early at 7 am , eate breakfast and waited for my guide. we started at 8:30 am. Brasilia was constructed from 1956 to 1960 and was inaugurated as Brazil's new capital , in April 21,1960. Planned for only 500,000 inhabitants , Brasilia's today's population (including satellite cities) ...read more.


Day 9 I woke up at 8 am as usual and made me ready to meet my group at 9 am downstairs . We went to Ouro Preto , a city declared a world monument by the Unesco . Founded in 1698 , Ouro Preto is the masterpiece of colonial architecture in Brazil . Visiting the church of St. Francis of Assis was a great experience because of the Brazilian religious architecture , the church was designed by Alejandrinho , with wood and soapstone , school chairs by the same artist , we visited the museum of the school of Minas and church of our Lady of the Pilar . The visit and tour of the city and surroundings was fascinating . Because of its famous winter Festivals in July this usually peace loving town, becomes a bustle of activities youngsters take over the city and turn it into a happy centre of music and play. Day 10 I think I like the way Brazilians live they are very happy and friendly . The weather comparing to other cities is cooler . After a Breakfast - Buffet I flew back to Rio de Janeiro where the real fun begins. Day 11 I arrived at 12 am at Rio de Janeiro. My 3 next days in Rio de Janeiro are planned as usual . Sightseeing , adventures and lots of fun !!!! Don't know how to start . Rio de Janeiro is different I'm on my eleventh day on my tour in Brazil but I must say this is totally different . Rio de Janeiro is a picture postcard perfection the Guanabara Bay , Sugarloaf , Christ the Redeemer , the legendary beaches , enchanting heights , music , people and tropical heat . In Rio the intense pursuit of pleasure , the nightlife and the Cariocas (people from Rio) casual lifestyle will leave the visitors excited. ...read more.


A child might have a parrot or a boa for a pet. Rice and fish are staples at the meal table and most children known nothing about fast-food. GOOD for them! Amazon handicrafts Shopping in the Amazon is a lot of fun! Most handicrafts are made from sustainable harvest products such as palm fiber (e.g. hammocks, bags, etc) or calabashes. However, some products are made from rare woods or animals parts. These should not be bought as they encourage exploitation of non-sustainable natural resources. Certain products, such as skins, skulls, feathers, etc. made from endangered species are illegal to import into most countries. So I took good care to buy normal handicrafts, and legal ones. Like bags and hand-painted T-shirts. As I said about the aborigine people, traditional ways of life among Amazon people are being gradually lost as indigenous cultures are assimilated into the dominant Spanish and Portuguese speaking culture. Most visitors to the Amazon can get a glimpse of the aboriginal traditions through staged dances and locals in native dress. Purists argue that these demonstrations are a travesty and demeaning. On the other hand, the occasions offer local people the opportunity to earn much need cash, and to maintain ancient rituals and celebrations. Without the interests of paying tourists, it is likely theses vestiges will be lost forever. After all these I must said that the experience has been great. Next year I'll come back!!! Day 15 At 9 am we met at the lobby of the "Pousada" and drived to the airport about 1 hour to take my flight to Rio de Janeiro. After I arrived in Rio de Janeiro at about 4 pm I waited for about 1 hour to flight back to Madrid. My holidays are over. Well after 15 days I must said that I had a wonderful time here in Brazil. Now I need the next week to relax from these 15 days, to look at my pictures and videos and think about my wonderful trip. ...read more.

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