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Tourism in Greece

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Info about tourism in Greece Greece mainland and the Greek islands are one of the favourite holiday destinations in Europe. In fact, Greece comes in the 15th place in the world rating of tourist destinations, since, according to the National Statistical Service of Greece, it receives more than 15 million tourists every year, after countries such as the USA, China, Spain and Great Britain. Most tourists come to Greece from Europe, especially the EU countries, and from the USA, while fewer originate from the other continents. In 1989 and 1991, approximately 90% of the tourists to Greece were Europeans, in particular German and British citizens. Until the mid-1990s, the tourism flow in Greece would not surpass 8 or 9 million; however, 1994 was a determinant year for Greek tourism because more than 10 million people chose Greece and the wonderful Greek islands to spend their summer vacations. ...read more.


Mykonos, with its cosmopolitan character; Santorin, with the most romantic sunset in the world; Rhodes, the island of the medieval castles, the sun and the butterflies; Crete, with its revolutionary spirit; Ios, with the wild nightlife; Corfu, with its Venetian style; Ithaca, the homeland of Ulysses; Samos, the greenest of all Greek islands; Skiathos, with its long and sandy beaches; all these constitute just a few examples of the most famous Greek paradises. The Greek tourism started flourishing in the late 1960s and particularly in the early 1970s. The first Greek hotel unit was created in 1968 in Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi, and Crete and since then many accommodation options have made their appearance all along Greece. In a slow but stable pace, Greece has today managed to become one of the most favourite tourist destinations among Europeans, Asians and Americans. ...read more.


Yes the country is in trouble but like every economy it will find its way back regardless of the times. The Greek people are right to protest and though tourism is being affected it is only slightly so. Those who go to Greece on holidays in the middle of such a chaotic environment only do so because they love the people and the country. Good luck! 2) I myself have just returned from Greece and what was happening didn't affect me as much, travelled around Greece going to area like Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, etc., to me Greece was still a great holiday. The measures that the Greeks are going through will soon pass. If you are going to travel to Greece, all I can say is plan ahead, know where you want to go and keep an eye on the news for updates and the most important thing is to enjoy your holidays ?? ?? ?? ?? Humza Hanif English Homework BY10 ...read more.

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Here's what a star student thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Response to the question

The essay is done well. It look on a range of aspects of the tourism industry and the trends within it. I would like to see deeper analysis of the figures, and the reasons for the different trends and the ...

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Response to the question

The essay is done well. It look on a range of aspects of the tourism industry and the trends within it. I would like to see deeper analysis of the figures, and the reasons for the different trends and the impacts different things had on the economy. This would show a deeper understanding of the topic.

Level of analysis

The essay starts with a good range of figures based on the ranking of tourism in Greece on a larger scale. They spot trends in their second paragraph and show an understanding of how the tourism in greece rose in certain points, although to expand they should produce reasons for this, and why tourists come from certain destinations. They mention some of the attractions of Greece which is good, their their language is too 'flowery' and should be kept subdued. The essay isn't very professionally done towards the end.

Quality of writing

Punctuation, grammar and spelling good throughout with minor grammatical errors towards the end. The format of the piece is good, but the tone needs to be a lot more formal as an analysis of the tourist industry.

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Reviewed by skatealexia 17/08/2012

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