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Tourism in Porto

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Porto, truly Portugal Porto is situated in the north of Portugal. It is the second most visited city by tourists after Lisbon, the capital. I am going to inform about where the tourists most like to spend their time, how much time they spend in Porto, when about in the year they come, to explain why tourists come to Porto, what they like and dislike about the city, and describe what the whole city is about. There are many tourists that come to Porto. They like to go and see cultural, historical monuments and places that are significant to Portugal. They usually go and see the famous bridges like the Ponte D. Lu�s, Ponte d'Arr�bida. This bridge is made of concrete and it set the world record for concrete bridges for some time. It has an arch, 52m tall and the plate is 70m above water level. There is a river, called River Douro, which separates the city of Porto from Gaia. Almost all the port wine warehouses are located in the riverbank. Tourists like to go and see them, and as they go to the Gaia side, they all go to the restaurants in Cais de Gaia - which is a pacific place where there are many restaurants and some pubs. Other places where tourists enjoy going are the monuments, and the important buildings. ...read more.


Then you just walk through the slope, which is Rua 31 de Janeiro, and then turn left, and there you are. If you want to go to the Ribeira, you have to get on the public bus number 01. In order to get on the public buses, you need to buy some bus tickets. They are about 75cents each for 1 trip, there are 10 trip ones which cost about � 7.50. Make sure that you don't buy then from inside the bus, because they are double the price! Despite the fact that sometimes the autocarros are very crowded and it doesn't always have the best conditions to stay on or it doesn't smell very well, you enjoy it. Nearly every citizen who is not able to drive a car will go by autocarro. As a result, the public buses are usually crowded, but it always depends at what time you go. In the morning most people go to work, so it might get crowded, but just after midday it might be less. The buses and taxi's have a priority in the city of Porto. They have one track in the road for them. As there are lots of vehicles in the roads, for the buses to get through easily, it was necessary that a track would be built just for buses and taxis. ...read more.


It smells like damp, sometimes muddy and the floor is not always clean, it might have litter and rubbish like chocolate wrappers and tissues - on the top floor mostly, where the restaurants are; you feel sweaty, and hot contrary to how you feel when you're not in the centres (especially in the winter) In the winter, as it is very cold here in Porto, each weekend, nearly everyone go to the shopping centres, the one which is closest one's home. People go and get together, go to the cinemas, have lunch / dinner, go shopping; they go with their family, friends, anything! Later on the year, people start going to other parts of Porto, instead of being cramped up into a shopping centre, they go for a walk, in the Avenida do Brasil, go to the Parque da Cidade (City Park) and open areas like that. The city of Porto is the most important in the North of Portugal. This is mainly because it has the most important port called Porto de Leix�es. All of the textiles and footwear are made in the North, and those supplies are exported from Porto de Leix�es. Many imported items are also collected there. The city isn't bad at all. It might not have the best weather all time round, but Porto is still a beautiful city, still continuing its tradition, and also developing at the same time. Porto makes me feel glad of what I am. ...read more.

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