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Tourism: Is Stanley a bigger honeypot site than The Peak? Both Stanley and the Peak are on the Hong Kong Island.

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Tourism: Is Stanley a bigger honeypot site than The Peak? Introduction Tourism is a business activity connected with providing services, entertainment and accommodation for people who are visiting a place for pleasure. A honeypot site is an area that can attract tourists visiting there. Some areas such as Hong Kong develop into tourist destinations because of their spectacular sceneries and attractions; and the large intake of money for businesses with their goods and services and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. Honeypot sites can have both positive and negative impacts on countryside and coastal areas. For the positive impacts, more people would enjoy the beautiful sceneries and attractions. Moreover local governments will be willing to spend more money on preservation of the sites. However, there may be waste, sound and air pollution; and traffic congestion affecting the environment. In order to find out whether Stanley is a bigger honeypot site than the Peak, both representing rural honeypot sites, research will be conducted on the two sites. Figure 1 - Map of Hong Kong Both Stanley and the Peak are on the Hong Kong Island. ...read more.


Method Location Why collect this data How the data is collected and why the data is collected in this way Problems and solutions Limitations Pedestrian Count It is conducted at all the main roads to the site in order not to miss any data. It helps to find out the gender and age of people visit the site. 1. Data is collected twice at each location for 5 minutes each. Comparison of data collected at the two periods could be conducted. Data is conducted for 5 minutes only because of limited time for site visit. 2. Record the gender and age of passers-by on a table by tally. It is the simplest method of collecting the data quickly. 3. The tallies are added together to find a total which could be used for analysis later. Since people may come from all directions, working with a partner can help solve this problem. Data is collected on a weekday and not at rush hours. The results may not accurately project the situation on weekends and holidays. . Building Use Data is collected around the site so that a clear picture could be drawn. ...read more.


the data is collected and why the data is collected this way Problems and solutions Limitations Photo It gives a real image of the sites which reminds the photo-taker of the site visit and helps with data presentation. A digital camera is used to take photos of the sites which are relevant to the research. It is the simplest and easiest way of capturing images of the sites. A photo can only show part of the site in detail so I have to take more photos. It is hard to take photos of some parts of the sites because they are crowded or dangerous to be close by. Map It helps to locate the site and present the data. It can be print screened from Google map or Google Earth on the internet. They give a very accurate map because the image is updated regularly. It cannot show the sites in details. The photos taking at the sites can help to solve this problem. It does not show the altitude of the site so it is hard to know the site is hilly or flat. Figure 13 - Collection method for secondary sets of data ?? ?? ?? ?? Jimmy Lam 11G 24/11/08 ...read more.

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