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Tourism Theory (bewdley)

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Tourism Theory Tourism is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, and is set to become the largest employer. In 2000, there were nearly 700 million tourists, and in 2020, there will be around 1.6 billion. Many factors affect tourism growth: aging population, shorter working week, longer paid holidays, greater affluence and greater mobility. In 2000, across the global economy, travel and tourism accounted for around 11 per cent of world exports, goods and services, surpassing trade in food, textiles, and chemicals. Around 15 million people from the UK go on package holidays every year. That's roughly 30 holidaymakers jetting-off every minute of every day. Aging population Because we're living longer, staying healthier, taking earlier retirements and staying much more active in later life this gives us more time to travel in retirement. Some elderly people contribute to domestic tourism by travelling to see relatives within the UK. However other elder people like to use holidays from travel agents specialising in serving the elderly, e.g. SAGA cater solely for the elderly specialising solely for older people and offer the following services. ...read more.


Time Type of worker Annual hours 13th century Adult male peasant, UK 1620 hours 14th century Casual labourer, UK 1440 hours Middle Ages English worker 2309 hours 1400-1600 Farmer-miner, adult male, UK 1980 hours 1840 Average worker, UK 3105-3588 hours 1850 Average worker, U.S. 3150-3650 hours 1987 Average worker, U.S. 1949 hours 1988 Manufacturing workers, UK 1855 hours 2000 Average worker, Germany 1362 hours Above is a table showing how annual working hours have changed in the last 9 centuries. On average working hours per week have gone down by almost 5 hours weekly in the last 9 centuries. Now in the modern day UK people can afford to take holidays twice a year due to recent wage and holiday legislations. Greater Affluence As the generations pass the British public are richer than ever. People are paying off their mortgages earlier and not having to financially support their children. Even people on the lowest wages have TV's and DVD players not to mention mobile phones. Half a century ago "poor" meant not enough money to feed yourself, in the modern day world however not having the latest games console and pair of trainers makes you "poor". ...read more.


Since the introduction of budget airlines in 1997 - figures have shown an upsurge in overnight stays from close to 6 million in 1997 to more then 7 million in 2005. Growth in tourism was especially strong after the introduction of budget airlines in 1997. Since then, international over night stays have shown an average growth of almost 10% per annum. A government statistic official, Jones Lang LaSalle said: "Budget airlines have had a large impact on tourism in the last ten years. However the Government's proposal to introduce a new airport tax could slow growth in tourist numbers and effect the hotel industry which already has several new hotels currently in the pipeline and expected to open in the next 3 years." The emergence of low cost carriers (LCC) has created a gradual evolution in European tourism. Statistics show that in 1994 less than 3 million passengers used LCC in Europe, by 1999 this figure increased to 17.5 million and then in 2003 to a staggering 85 million; a year later there was a further rise of 24% to 107 million. Only now we are seeing the affects of this transport revolution on tourism, and Europe is a case in point. ...read more.

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